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Carbon Drive + Handmade Bikes=Sexy

  March 2, 2010

For bike geeks, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a time to drool. The most beautiful bikes from across the land go on display here, made by some of the greatest innovators, artists, welders and metalurgists from Boston to the Bay Area. This year’s show, which just wrapped up in Richmond, featured a number of bikes that integrated the Carbon Drive System in place of chain drives for a sleek, lightweight effect. Check out the photos below, but first grab a napkin in case you slobber.

This street ripper is made by Groovy. The lei is optional. Credit: Justin Steiner,

Check out this post from about the Groovy bike, a Hawaiian-themed 14-speed internally geared town bike with off-road capabilities.

The Boo 29er combines bamboo with Carbon Drive for a nature-meets-technology mashup. Photo:
The down-low look at Boo's drivetrain. Photo: Justin Steiner,
Igleheart built this belt drive beauty. Photo credit: Justin Steiner,

We’ll bring you more photos from NAHBS in future posts.