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Belt Drive Bling: the 25,0000 Euro Carbon Fiber Fixie and Singlespeed

  September 11, 2012

Nobody needs a 25,000 Euro bike. Then again, nobody needs a Formula 1 race car either. But for those with an extra $32,000 in their pocket, we present the “coren” fixie and singlespeed. The bikes are made by UBC, a German company that creates carbon fiber components for Formula 1 cars and clients including Porsche, Bugatti and Audi. Both spec the Gates Carbon Drive.  We spotted these two bikes at Eurobike, where they attracted a crowd. Pictured above  is the Coren fixie.  Below is the singlespeed.

UBC describes the high tensile strength T1000 carbon frame shape as “avant-­‐garde.” Both bikes were designed by UBC designer Christian Zanzotti. “Super slim top and down tubes lend the coren a unique visual lightness,” says a press release. The bikes weigh about 7,700 grams (17 pounds) and will be sold in limited quantities.   It takes about 40 hours to make a coren frame, which is molded and cured  in aluminum forms.

“The frame, like all UBC components, is manufactured in a clean room, in accordance with motor sport and premium vehicle construction standards,” says UBC developer Marco Noack. Go to to watch a slick video of the bikes being fabricated in the UBC clean room.  Scroll down to see more images.

Stay tuned, because UBC is now working on a pedelec. Want to see one up close? Rumor has it one of these corens will appear at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver next February.