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The lead up to SSWC has been great. I’ve met a ton of cool people from South Africa and all over the world and gotten to ride in both South Africa and Swaziland. On my first real ride down here at the Groenkloff Nature Reserve, I saw giraffe, zebra, ostriches, wildabeest, impala, hartebeest, kudu, mongoose and sable antelope all within the first hour. It was awesome!

I’m really looking forward to the race tomorrow. The course is true Africa. The trails are mostly just cow trails so they meander back and forth slowly making their way from A to B. There are tons of thorns, a good, hard climb, and some super fun singletrack descents. The REEB and belt drive are holding up spectacularly and people keep stopping me to ask about it. It’s a great conversation starter and has made me quite a few friends!

There is going to be some stiff competition tomorrow for the SSWC tattoo, but I think I have a good shot at the title. I know Garth (SSWC 2010 Champion) is here as is Dax Massey (finished 3rd at Breck Epic). There is also a rumor that Barry Stander (represented South Africa in the Olympics this year) will be participating…

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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The carbon cords inside the patented Gates Carbon Drive™ belt offer, for the first time, the necessary tensile strength and high modulus to provide the smooth, clean, and long lasting ride advantage of a “belt” driven system in a bicycle application. The specially designed tooth pitch and meticulously engineered sprocket profile afford the belt efficiency equal to that of a standard chain, with the low tension necessary to prevent unnecessary bearing load on other components.

The super-light sprockets are finished with a new coating specifically formulated to provide unmatched durability even in abrasive conditions. Already referred to as a “magic Item, that will change many of the bikes we ride,” Gates Carbon Drive™ offers a truly revolutionary technology that already has created an amazing amount of end-user interest and demand.

There are many size belts and sprockets to choose from to create your perfect ride.

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