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German version below, English at bottom:

Gates Carbon Drive, das branchenführende Riemensystem für Fahrräder und eBikes, hat neuerdings eine deutschsprachige Website (, um auf dem wichtigen deutschsprachigen Fahrradmarkt einen noch besseren Kundendienst anzubieten. Deutsche Fahrradmarken nehmen den Spitzenplatz unter den Anwendern des Riemensystems von Gates Carbon Drive ein, und unsere deutschsprachige Website bietet Kunden tolle Möglichkeiten, diese Räder bequem finden und kaufen zu können.

„Zum Personal von Gates gehören viele Experten aus der Fahrradbranche, die in Deutschland leben und die eng mit Herstellern zusammenarbeiten und Kunden auf der Suche nach Produkten von Gates Carbon Drive helfen” sagte Frank Schneider, der deutsche Verkaufsleiter des Gates-Fahrrad-Laboratoriums Deutschland.

Zu den deutschen Fahrradmarken, die ihre Räder mit Gates Carbon Drive ausrüsten, gehören u. a. Bergamont, Canyon, Cube, Stevens, Schindelhauer, Focus, Tout Terrain, Flitzbike, Electrolyte, Maxx, Mika Amaro, Mi-Tech, Nicolai, Norwid, Poison, Smart, Veloheld …und viele andere. Erfahren Sie mehr auf


Gates Carbon Drive, the leading belt system for bicycles and eBikes, has launched a German language website ( to better serve customers in the important German bicycle market. German bicycle brands have been leading adopters of the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, and the German website is a great way for consumers to find and buy those bikes.

“Gates has a large staff of bicycle industry experts located in Germany who work closely with manufacturers and help consumers find Gates Carbon Drive products,” said Frank Schneider, German sales manager of the Gates Germany Bicycle Lab.

German bike brands with Gates Carbon Drive equipped bikes include Bergamont, Stevens, Canyon, Cube, Schindelhauer, Focus, Tout Terrain, Flitzbike, Electrolyte, Maxx, Mika Amaro, Mi-Tech, Nicolai, Norwid, Poison, Smart, Veloheld…and more. Visit and click on Deutsch to learn more.

Canyon URBAN 7.0 white

The Canyon Urban 7.0 exemplifies German style and innovation.


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Owners Manual coverGates Carbon Drive has published an Owner’s Manual with details on how to maintain and tension your belt drive, and other handling instructions and helpful tips for ensuring optimal performance. We urge shop mechanics, belt drive bike owners and anyone who is considering buying a bike with Gates Carbon Drive to read the manual. Improper handling, twisting or back-bending of the belts before installation can crimp and damage the carbon fiber cords inside. Gates belts typically last longer than chains (11,000 miles in one recent case), but like any finely engineered technology they can break if you mistreat them. Click here for the Owner’s Manual.


s Manual_do not pry on graphic

In other product news, Gates Carbon Drive has added a landing page to its website with tech information on the new sprockets designed for use with Shimano’s Alfine Di2 electronic shifting system, which we wrote about in a recent post. Click here for more information Gates and Alfine Di2.

Di2 Hub 2


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Spot Brand bikes enabled with Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack systems will be available for order this month.Good news for bicyclists who want to “get belted” this summer: Spot Brand commuter and mountain bikes with the new CenterTrack system from Gates Carbon Drive are arriving in bike shops nationwide this month, and the next-generation bicycle belt drive will be available for after-market purchase in July. Cyclists who want to sample the chain-free, greaseless, low-maintenance system can check Spot’s dealer locator to find a shop near them. Other bike brands will roll out CenterTrack-equipped bike models later in 2011.

A Gates Carbon Drive CDX-CT rear pulley available on Spot Brand bikes this summer.

CDX-CT rear pulley

Spot is the first brand to come to market with CenterTrack bikes, and the Golden, Colo., company has five models with the new drivetrain:

  • The Acme 11-speed, Ajax Belt 8-speed and Coyote Belt singlespeed are fast commuter/city bikes. recently praised the Ajax’s “nimble geometry” and called it the quietest bike they had ever ridden.
  • The Rocker SS and Rocker Ti SS are singlespeed 29er mountain bikes ideal for marathon hammer-fests. Outside Magazine recently named the Rocker its singlespeed mountain bike of the year.
Outside Buyer's Guide Magazine named the Spot Rocker with Gates Carbon Drive its singlespeed mountain bike of the year.

Outside Buyer's Guide praises the Rocker

Consisting of alloy front and stainless steel rear pulleys, and a belt embedded with carbon fiber cords, CenterTrack  features an innovative design that offers all the advantages of existing Carbon Drives but with a whopping 20 percent more tensile strength, a slimmer profile and the most advanced dirt- and debris-shedding ever.

Gates Carbon Drive's CDX-CT CenterTrack is the lightest, cleanest, quietest & most robust drive train available.

CenterTrack, officially called CDX-CT, reinforces Carbon Drive as the lightest, cleanest, quietest and most robust drive train available. Weight is a key advantage. CDX-CT weighs approximately 40 percent less than comparable chain drives. Chains alone can weigh 250 to 300 grams, and an entire chain drive can weigh 400 to 500 grams. The stealthy Carbon Drive, by comparison, weighs roughly 240 grams (precise weight varies depending on pulley size and belt length).

A close up of the clean, quiet & light Gates Carbon Drive CDX-CT CenterTrack system.Cleanliness is another advantage. If the belt gets muddy, just hose it off—no greasy lube required. For singlespeed racers, that means less time in the pits and more on the course. For city riders, it means no greasy clothing. Paired with an internally geared hub, Carbon Drive represents the future of high-performance, low-maintenance commuter bikes. CenterTrack was conceived by Wayne Lumpkin, one of the most innovative thinkers in the bike industry and the creative spark and founder of Avid brakes.

In 2011, 43 brands are selling 90-plus models of Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack enabled bikes.With the launch of CenterTrack, Gates, the global leader in belt-drive applications in the bicycling, motorcycling and automotive industries, now offers three product lines at distinct price points: CDX-CT, CDX and CDC. Introduced in 2008 on four bike models, the popularity of Carbon Drive has grown exponentially. In 2011, 43 brands are selling 90-plus models of belt drive bikes. For 2012, that number is expected to leapfrog again to 130 models as the popularity of commuter cycling booms and bike brands design new models around Carbon Drive.

Cyclists can order the Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack system to upgrade their bikes starting in July.Cyclists with existing Carbon Drives on their bikes who want to upgrade to CDX-CT can order the system through local bike shops beginning in July. The initial product launch is focused on the most popular sizes and will be expanded through the second half of 2011.

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The new Gates Carbon Drive iPhone app determines whether a cyclist needs to tighten or loosen their belt-drive bike tensioners.Proper belt tension is key to the optimal performance of your Gates Carbon Drive. Thanks to a new iPhone app developed by Gates, fine-tuning your belt tension is easier than ever. Simply hold your iPhone beside the belt and pluck the belt like a guitar string. The program measures the frequency of the “note” emitted by the belt and determines whether you need to tighten up or loosen your tensioners.

Developed for consumers who own belt drive bikes and bike shop employees who service bicycles with Carbon Drive, the iPhone app is an integral part of Gates’ push to make its clean, quiet, light and strong belt drive systems as easy and familiar to use as chains. The iPhone app also includes a pulley, or sprocket, Size Calculator that allows cyclists to determine their ideal pulley and belt setup. Click here to download the app from iTunes. For all you wrenches out there, it’s like sweet music for your ears.

The Gates Carbon Drive iPhone app also includes a pulley or sprocket size calculator to determine ideal pulley and belt setup.

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Hoping to grow consumer interest in belt drive bicycles, two Boulder cyclists have launched Kyle Krall and Tait Stangl both own bikes with Gates Carbon Drive. Talking with friends about their bikes, the two realized that lots of cyclists want to ride belt drive bikes but knowing where to go locally to buy or test one was confusing. So they included a shop locator function on their site that in the coming months will help consumers locate bikes with Carbon Drive at local shops. The site features a growing selection of more than 70 bikes with Carbon Drive. The goal of the site is to become a leading source for consumer information about belt drive bikes. Gates Carbon Drive Systems is a big fan of the site and plans to work with to help cyclists experience the clean, quiet, light and strong advantages of Gates Carbon Drive as featured in the New York Times and Popular Mechanics.

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