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For bicyclists, a lunchtime ride clears the mind and makes the office work flow. Watch Frank Schneider and Sascha Hasenstein from Gates Carbon Drive’s European distributors Universal Transmission take their belted rigs for a rip through the woods during a work break. Say hello to Schneidi and Sascha and the Gates Carbon Drive crew next week at Eurobike (booth A2-204) to check out the newest belt drive bikes and innovations from Gates. Flow on, friends.

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Lios-royal marines

The UK’s Royal Marines are trained for rapid deployment. Rapid certainly describes these three guys and their Lios Nano carbon folding bikes. Corporal Richard Ebbage, Major Ryan Kestle and Corporal Aled Jones have teamed up with Lios, whose founder is himself a former Royal Marine who started a bike company after being blown up in combat in Afghanistan. The three members of the Lios racing team recently competed in the London Nocturne folding bike race criterium that whips through the streets of London. Jones took first place out of 40 competitors with a hard surge at the finish. Watch the inspiring video below to learn the triumphant story of Lios founder Steve McCulley, get an up-close look at the Gates belt driven Nanos, and see the exciting race action–including a crash in the final sprint.


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mokumono hal (1024x683)Amsterdam has more bicycles than inhabitants and The Netherlands is one of the most bike-friendly nations in the world. Yet virtually no bicycles are made here due to high labor costs. Now, some Dutch entrepreneurs want to bring bicycle manufacturing back to The Netherlands by using automotive industry techniques. “We had to re-think the way bicycle frames are produced,” says Bob Schiller, founder of Mokumono Cycles.

Instead of welding tubes together, a process that is highly labor intensive, Mokumono uses robotics and an automated production process. Two sheets of shaped aluminum are pressed together and then laser welded. Schiller explains the Mokumono concept in the company’s Kickstarter video below.

Mokumono will sell two versions of their bike, a singlespeed and an eight-speed, both with the Gates Carbon Drive system. Pre-order prices are $1,150 for the singlespeed and $1,400 for the geared version. “The name Mokumono is a composition of two words that express where we are from and what we make,” says Schiller, who is launching Mokumono with his brother. Mokum is an old nickname for Amsterdam. Mono refers to monocoque, “a construction technique whereby loads are supported through an object’s external skin without internal strengthening.” While the target market is The Netherlands, Mokumono will ship its bikes worldwide. In a country where even the Prime Minister rides to work on a bicycle, Mokumono seems poised to bring Dutch bike heritage into the modern era.

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For freeriders, there is nothing more stylish than a perfectly executed tail whip. French downhiller Benoit Coulanges of team ROC-VTT shows his whipping good style in this video shot near his home in Lyon. Benoit is an up-and-coming young rider who placed 15th at last year’s Fort William World Cup event. He rides a Nicolai Ion 20 Effigear with Gates Carbon Drive and an Effigear gearbox. Read more about his bike on Vital MTB. You may never do a tail whip, but imagine how well your Gates belt will perform on your city bike if it can survive Benoit’s abuse.


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Marco_Cracked 1

Marco Hösel is a famous German trials rider and member of the Nicolai Factory Team whose exploits frequently appear on the Belted Blog. Remember when he rode and leaped through a sawmill? This time Marco rides through the stadium of German premier league team Borussia Dortmund in his new video, “Cracked,” sponsored by the lock maker Burg-Wachter. Watch the video at the bottom of this post. Marco rides a Nicolai trials bike with Gates Carbon Drive. He likes the light weight of the belt because it allows him to jump higher, while the high-strength carbon tensile cords inside the Gates belt provide him with the confidence to fully commit to tricky–and dangerous–maneuvers. Thanks to Constantin Fiene for the creative photography, Hoshi Yoshida for the slick video edit, and of course a big high-five to Marco.

Marco_Cracked 2

Marco_Cracked 4

Marco_Cracked 5

Watch “Cracked” below.

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