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Travis Ekenberg is a 32-year-old amateur Colorado Springs racer and father of two young kids who has been charging hard this summer on his Spot Brand singlespeed with Gates Carbon Drive. In early July he took first place in the non-championship singlespeed division of the Firecracker 50. It was an impressive ride, and his time would have been good enough to take third place in the championship field. Earlier, he finished second in the singlespeed men’s category of the three-race Ascent Cycling Series.

“I have nothing but great things to say about the belt,” Ekenberg says. “I wanted a singlespeed belt drive the moment I saw the Spot demo during the 2008 Interbike.” Ekenberg says the Carbon Drive always catches the eye of other riders. “It is almost a guarantee that someone will stop me and ask about the belt,” he says, adding that the belt drive is “quiet as a mouse.”

We look forward to hearing more from Travis and wish him luck through the race season. If you would like to share your story of racing or riding on your bike with Carbon Drive, send a note and photos to paul at trueoverdrive.com.

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Trek is giving away a bike every day from July 16-25 during the Tour de France, including a belt-drive District. Trek is a big supporter of the clean and quiet Carbon Drive System: they even used a photo of the belt drive in this “Spin to Win” contest. Maybe Andy Schleck would still be in the yellow jersey if he was running a Carbon Drive belt instead of a chain! Go to Trekbikes.com and click on Start Dreaming to enter the contest.

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USA Today reporter Sal Ruibal is one of the most respected voices in the cycling media, a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and an avid rider who has competed in 24-hour races and ridden many of the steepest climbs in the Tour de France. Ruibal has been riding a belt drive Trek District this summer and he just posted a video review at usatoday.com under the headline Hot New Bikes. Ruibal calls the District “a stylish singlespeed urban bike with a clean difference. Instead of a greasy metal chain, it uses a carbon fiber composite belt to transfer power from the pedal to the wheels. No oil to apply, no noisy clanking and no stained pant legs.” Watch the video by clicking here.

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Bike messengers put a lot of stress and strain on their bikes, riding through rain and snow and all weather conditions like a modern Pony Express. The guys at Denver Boulder Couriers in Colorado are no exception. They pedal up to 50 miles on an average shift, riding for seven-plus hours to deliver packages and documents to businesses, hospitals, law offices and government agencies. There is no time for mechanical failures or maintenance problems with their bikes. Denver Boulder Couriers has a secret weapon to keep them on schedule: Gates Carbon Drive. “It’s super efficient, it’s really light, there’s no lag time when you’re coming out of a stop sign or stoplight,” says DBC messenger Sam Reinish. General manager Tim Quinn says ease of maintenance is another big advantage: “There hasn’t been any.” Check out the video of their Primus Mootry with the Carbon Drive System.

Check out more videos about Gates Carbon Drive here.


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Raleigh is expanding its  belted lineup for 2011 with a new singlespeed mountain bike called the XXIX. Check out the post on Twentynineinches.com, which has more photos and product detail.

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