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Cyclists riding singlespeed Schindelhauer bikes with Gates Carbon Drive at the London Tweed Run.London’s Tweed Run is a uniquely British cycling event featuring retro bikes and participants in tweedy, old-fashioned attire, knickers and handlebar mustaches. Riders bicycle 10 miles through the heart of London, past Big Ben and along the Thames. Six hundred people participated in the 2011 Tweed Run including Dick Vincent and a team from Bike Republic on a stylish singlespeed Schindelhauer “Siegried” with Gates Carbon Drive. “I rather like the belt drive system,” says one rider who tested Vincent’s Siegfried. “It’s glorious.” Watch the video here.

A Schindelhauer bike with Gates Carbon Drive at the London Tweed Run cycling event.Read more about Schindelhauer’s bike models with Gates Carbon Drive here.

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The Outdoor Demo video on the Gates Carbon Drive YouTube channel highlights the growing popularity of belt-driven bikes.

Click the photo to get the scoop on Gates Carbon Drive at Outdoor Demo

With more than 90 bike models in 2011, Gates Carbon Drive continues to become more popular every year. Watch the new video from Outdoor Demo to glimpse some of the sexiest chain-free bikes on the market. Shot by videographer Mat Barlow, the video captures the sights, sounds and excitement surrounding Gates’ revolutionary clean, quiet, light and strong drive train.

Curious for more? Check out the full roster of videos on Youtube’s GatesCarbonDrive channel. The videos explain how the technology works, describe how to maintain and install it, show the culture behind belt-drive bikes and highlight the racers, riders and couriers who are getting on it. There are also gorgeous images of bikes and footage of the beer drinkers and brewers who think Carbon Drive is the bomb. Isn’t it time to get belted?

The Gates Carbon Drive YouTube channel has videos ranging from parts demos to rider spotlights.

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A stealthy Spot Brand 'Ajax' city bike outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive.The smart guys over at Wired have been riding a Spot Brand ‘Ajax’ city bike around San Francisco and they have just posted a review. Writer John Bradley calls it the “quietest bike I’ve ever been on.” You can thank the clean, quiet, light and strong Gates Carbon Drive for the bike’s stealth. Look at the pretty pictures and read Bradley’s writeup here.

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A pink Gates custom belt-drive cruiser designed at English Cycles.All together now: oooooooooh. This custom cruiser comes from the skilled hands of Rob English at English Cycles. Rob calls himself a “designer, builder, machinist, painter, racer and bike geek.”

The NuVinci infinitely variable planetary hub paired with Gates Carbon Drive on an English Cycles cruiser. A match made in cycling heaven: the NuVinci infinitely variable planetary hub paired with Gates Carbon Drive

See more photos of this beauty on Bike Rumor. And learn more about the NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary hub, which replaces the shifter with a smooth speed dial that allows cyclists to feather their pedaling cadence with infinite gearing between the high and low ends. Gates has partnered with NuVinci to make their revolutionary hubs belt-drive compatible, providing urban cyclists with a no-fuss drive train that some are calling “the future of commuter bikes.” Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Meantime, bust out your pink shoes and a skirt. You’re gonna want to look extra fine when pedaling this head-spinner.

A pink English Cycles commuter bike enabled with Gates Carbon Drive.

Rob English of English Cycles with a blue Gates Carbon Drive bicycle.

Rob English with a previous Gates Carbon Drive creation

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YouTube video detailing Spot Brand's new bike line equipped with Gates CenterTrack belt-drive systems.Gates Carbon Drive was at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, Calif., last weekend with Spot Brand, whose booth was mobbed with media, bike shop dealers and curious customers who wanted to check out Spot’s new city bikes and mountain bikes equipped with the new CenterTrack belt-drive system.

Check out the video from www.bikecommuters.com with Spot honcho Andrew Lumpkin describing the Acme, Ajax and Coyote belt-drive bikes. Lumpkin, looking super casual in his stylish shades, shows off the belt-drive Spot Rocker singlespeed in this video on www.mtnbikeriders.com.

Link to YouTube video spotlighting the Spot Brand bike line with Gates Carbon belt-drive technology.Bicycling Magazine’s Matt Allyn was also in the house and he spotlighted the Ajax 8-speed in this nice post on Bicycling.com.

A Spot Brand Ajax 8-speed bicycle enabled with Gates Carbon Drive.

Spot sent journalists packing with bikes that will be featured in upcoming reviews and videos on Singletrack.com, Road Bike Action, Mountain Bike Action, Momentum and more. Singletrackworld.com/Singletrack Magazine also came by to shoot some photos.

The Spot Brand pavement bike is the first model available to market with Gates CenterTrack.Spot’s pavement bikes, available retail in May, are the first models to come to market with Gates’ CenterTrack. Look for more sexy belt-drive bike models from some prestigious brands as the year progresses.

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