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The new Gates Carbon Drive iPhone app determines whether a cyclist needs to tighten or loosen their belt-drive bike tensioners.Proper belt tension is key to the optimal performance of your Gates Carbon Drive. Thanks to a new iPhone app developed by Gates, fine-tuning your belt tension is easier than ever. Simply hold your iPhone beside the belt and pluck the belt like a guitar string. The program measures the frequency of the “note” emitted by the belt and determines whether you need to tighten up or loosen your tensioners.

Developed for consumers who own belt drive bikes and bike shop employees who service bicycles with Carbon Drive, the iPhone app is an integral part of Gates’ push to make its clean, quiet, light and strong belt drive systems as easy and familiar to use as chains. The iPhone app also includes a pulley, or sprocket, Size Calculator that allows cyclists to determine their ideal pulley and belt setup. Click here to download the app from iTunes. For all you wrenches out there, it’s like sweet music for your ears.

The Gates Carbon Drive iPhone app also includes a pulley or sprocket size calculator to determine ideal pulley and belt setup.

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Cyclist Jake Kirkpatrick and his singlespeed Gates Carbon belt drive Black Sheep bike.A bon voyage party will be held on June 2 in Boulder for pro singlespeed mountain bike racer Jake Kirkpatrick as he prepares to embark on the Tour Divide, an epic 2,745-mile ride down the spine of the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico that has been called the world’s toughest mountain bike race.

The party from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. will be held at Swiss Chalet Timepieces at 17th and Pearl Street. A silent auction to raise money for Kirkpatrick’s adventure will close at 7:30 p.m. Join family, friends, supporters and others to learn about Kirkpatrick’s race strategy and aggressive training regimen, and to see his custom singlespeed belt-drive Black Sheep bike.

Kirkpatrick’s titanium bike won the “Best Off-Road” award at the 2011 North American Handmade Bike Show. The belt-drive beauty will be displayed at Swiss Chalet for one week beginning this Thursday, May 26.

Cyclist Jake Kirkpatrick prepares to embark on the Tour Divide with his Gates Carbon Drive Black Sheep bicycle.Kirkpatrick hopes to win the grueling race, but just finishing would be a victory. Seeking an advantage over the competition, Kirkpatrick is using the Gates Carbon Drive to eliminate the maintenance necessary with a chain drive. The Tour Divide begins June 10 in Banff, Alberta, and concludes in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Gates Carbon Drive is a proud sponsor of Kirkpatrick’s effort. Check back here for updates on his progress as the race begins.

Cyclist Jake Kirkpatrick will race the Tour Divide on his Gates Carbon Drive outfitted titanium Black Sheep bicycle.

Jake before the 2010 Breck Epic

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A close up of the Gates Carbon Drive enabled Civia Bryant bicycle ridden by Alan Barnard of

Photo: Alan Barnard, EcoVelo

Addictive. That’s what Alan Barnard of says of his experience with Gates Carbon Drive. Barnard has been riding a belt-drive Civia Bryant for several months and has just filed a report on his experience.

“It’s probably obvious by now that I’m a convert to belts, at least on commuter bikes. Besides the obvious advantages listed above, the near silent, direct, and buttery smooth feel of a belt can become quite addictive. In just a couple of months, this has become my new normal and now chain drives feel coarse—and dare I say—even a bit crude by comparison (I’ll catch flak for that).”

Read the post here.

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Outside Magazine named the Gates Carbon Drive enabled Rocker bike from Spot Brand the singlespeed mountain bike of the year.Outside Magazine has named the Rocker from Spot Brand as the singlespeed mountain bike of the year in its 2011 Summer Buyer’s Guide. Outside called it “the smoothest, most reliable singlespeed available.” The Rocker features Gates Carbon Drive’s new CenterTrack system. The magazine heaped praise on this nimble 29er and it’s clean, quiet, light and strong belt drive:

Single speeding is about simplicity, and belt drives–which replace the chain and chainrings with a clean, quiet belt-and-pulley system–are austerity incarnate. Testers loved how the Rocker SS’s new CenterTrack belt, with a center channel and shaped fin design, locked the belt on its track for uninterrupted power transfer. The new system, combined with the steel frame’s fluid feel, provided a ride that one tester called ‘beautifully, eerily silent.’

The Rocker bicycle from Spot Brand with Gates Carbon Drive in Outside Magazine.

“Our favorite single-speed this year,” adds Outside, “plenty stiff for railing hard but comfier than most hard tails.” Check out the review on page 96 of the digital issue of the Outside Buyer’s guide.

The Spot Brand Rocker bike in 'Tractor Green' is outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

Rocker in 'Tractor Green'

Learn more about this bike and it’s drive train by watching the video about the Rocker SS filmed at the Sea Otter Classic by check out the Rocker and other belt drive beauties from Spot here.

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Scott Junker of Easton Cycling rides his singlespeed Gates Carbon Drive Spot Rocker bike in Santa Cruz.

Scott hammers through the mossy forest near Santa Cruz. Photo: Dave Smith

One of the joys of working in the bike industry is “mandatory” lunch time and after-work rides. It’s research! When our pals at Easton Cycling skip out for an extended lunch break they often hit the Sand Trails in Henry Cowell Park, located near Easton headquarters in Scotts Valley, Calif.

Scott Junker, Associate Product Manager for Easton Cycling, has been hammering these trails for the past six months on his Spot Rocker singlespeed with Gates Carbon Drive. “I love it,” he says. “If singlespeeding wasn’t simple enough, the belt has removed nearly all of the maintenance I ever had to do on a chain driven bike.”

Easton Cycling's Scott Junker and his Gates Carbon Drive outfitted bike hit the trails of Santa Cruz.Named singlespeed mountain bike of the year by Outside Magazine, Scott Junker takes the Gates Carbon Drive enabled bike for a spin.Scott’s Rocker (that bike just won Singlespeed of the Year from Outside Magazine!) weighs in just under 20 lbs with pedals, and a lightweight Easton wheelset. Not bad for a large steel 29er. Scott has entered several races on the bike and also uses it to commute. “I figure it has around 1,500 miles on it with no service done yet.”

Scott Junker of Easton Cycling rides his singlespeed Gates Carbon Drive Spot Rocker bike on the trails of Santa Cruz.Thanks to Dave Smith for the photos! Gotta go now, it’s almost lunch time.

A close up of the Gates Carbon belt drive system on the Spot Brand Rocker mountain bike.The Spot Brand Rocker mountain bike outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

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