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The Source 11 urban commuter bike with Gates CenterTrack drive will be featured at the Eurobike 2011 tradeshow.Next week’s Eurobike trade show will be the biggest ever for Gates Carbon Drive, with more brands showing more belt drive bikes. The Source 11 (pictured at left) from Specialized is a swift 11-speed urban commuter that will be sold in both Europe and North America in 2012. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from a car-replacing transportation bike: disc brakes, dyno-powered lights, fenders and rack.  See more pix here. The Source 11 is also one of the models in Europe to spec Gates’ new CenterTrack drive, which is making its first big European debut at Eurobike 2011.

Eurobike 2011 will also feature the innovative, electric Smart e-bike with Gates Carbon Drive.Eurobike will also feature a number of innovative new electric bicycles with Carbon Drive, including the Smart e-bike above. Smart, which makes those cool compact cars, created the e-bike in collaboration with electric bike specialist Grace. It packs a 250-watt motor, a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) of range and ingenious regenerative braking (the energy created when braking is captured to recharge the battery, just like in a Prius or hybrid car). The styling is also impecable, looking like an iPhone on two wheels (it has an iPhone charging dock). Smart says its e-bike will be available in 2012 in North America and Europe, where the market for electric bikes is exploding–rising from 200,000 sold in 2007 to 700,000 last year. Check out the Gates drive train integrated with the rear wheel drive BionX system below. More pictures and news release from Daimler, Smart’s parent company,  here.The Gates drive train integrated with the rear wheel drive BionX on the electric Smart e-bike.

Scott is another brand that is debuting a new belt drive model in 2012. One look at the SUB 10 from Scott and you can see they are going for style points.

Debuting in 2012, the SUB 10 bicycle from Scott is outfitted with a Gates Carbon Drive system.

The SUB 10 from Scott. Photo courtesy of

Readers of this blog know that German brand Schindelhauer gets a lot of attention here. The company features five models of urban bikes, all with Gates Carbon Drive. We recently received word that their Von Ludwig XIV (14-speed Rohloff) has won the Urban Bike of the Year prize from Eurobike’s organizers. Check it out below.The Schindelhauer brand Von Ludwig XIV bike with Gates Carbon Drive has earned Urban Bike of the Year honors at the Eurobike tradeshow.If you plan to attend Eurobike, stop by the “Gates Tower,” (A2-202) where you can check out the Smart e-bike and multiple belt drive models from Schindelhauer and Nicolai and electric bikes from Grace. While belt drive  is growing by leaps and bounds in the commuter category, there will also be plenty of mountain bikes to check out including the Nicolai Argon 29er with Rohloff, pictured below.Mountain bikes including the Gates Carbon Drive enabled Nicolai Argon 29er are also featured at Eurobike.

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Team Gates Carbon Drive will be riding new Raleigh SSCXWC bicycles with Gates CenterTrack drive in 2011.Following up on its highly successful debut in 2010, Team Gates Carbon Drive is back for its second season with new bikes, an expanded roster, a new race-proven belt drive, and its first female member–the legendary Cristina Begy.  Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks. Meantime, enjoy these photos of the new team bike: the Raleigh SSCXWC carbon frameset with the new CenterTrack drive from Gates and spec from FSA, TRP, Easton and others. Weight as pictured: 16.8 pounds.

The Gates CenterTrack drive train on Team Gates Carbon Drive's new 2011 SSCXWC bicycles.A close up of the front pulley on Team Gates Carbon Drive's new 2011 SSCXWC bicycles.A close up of the rear pulley on Team Gates Carbon Drive's new 2011 SSCXWC bicycles.“It’s an amazing bike,” says new team member Tim Lucking, a marketing specialist with Gates. “Super fast, super smooth, super hot. Did I mention super fast?”

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Mountain Flyer Magazine gives high marks to the Spot Brand Rocker SS singlespeed bike featuring Gates CenterTrack drive.

Spot Brand's Rocker translates in Latin to 'singlespeedus perfectus'

Mountain Flyer is a Colorado-based magazine with great writing and photographs about riding in the Rocky Mountains. Editor Brian Riepe recently spent a month testing Spot Brand’s Rocker SS singlespeed, which features Gates’ new CenterTrack drive. Riepe praises the belt drive as “smoother than The Fonz. The more mud and water you throw at it, the better it performs.”

A close up of the Spot Brand Rocker SS singlespeed bike enabled with Gates CenterTrack Carbon Drive in Mountain Flyer Magazine.Riepe likewise gives high marks to Spot’s patented Kobe sliding dropouts, which he calls “flawless,” and the best slider he’s seen. “Handmade steel singlespeeds have had this effect on me before, and I could be blinded by the miasma of newfound love, but Spot’s Rocker SS, spec’d with Gates’ new CenterTrack Carbon Drive could possibly be singlespeedus perfectus.” You don’t need to speak Latin–or know what miasma means for that matter–to understand that Riepe is hot for this bike.

Want to see the Rocker SS in action? Check out the stylish video shot by Mountain Flyer of the 29er ripping the trails in Crested Butte.

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Men's Health Magazine recommends the Gates Carbon Drive enabled Spot Brand Sprawl commuter bike.Men’s Health typically covers such scintillating topics as how to score with women and get ripped abs, but the magazine also occasionally provides un-sexy, practical advice for dudes who want to simply stay fit and save money. So when reader Matt from Redmond, Washington, wrote the editors asking about what type of bicycle he should get for his daily commute, Men’s Health told him to get belted. Specifically, they recommended Spot Brand’s Sprawl, a rakish eight-speed city bike that gets big style points and features Gates Carbon Drive. The magazine called Carbon Drive one of the “hottest innovations” that will help you arrive “sans splatters and grease stains.”

Men's Health Magazine called Gates Carbon Drive one of the

Men’s Health also recommended the Raleigh Alley Way and Trek District as other great belt drive options for commuters. We can say without qualification that getting out of the car and riding one of these bikes will help tone your abs and melt some flab. And who knows? They may even make the ladies sizzle with desire.

The Spot Brand Sprawl commuter bike with Gates Carbon Drive featured in Men's Health Magazine.


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Adventure Cyclist Magazine highlights the Co-Motion Americano Rohloff bicycle with Gates Carbon Drive.

Adventure Cyclist is the premier magazine for bicyclists interested in cross-country touring, with great feature stories about trekking by bike and reviews of the gear necessary for an epic pedal across the great wide open. The latest issue has a writeup of the belt drive Co-Motion Americano Rohloff, a favorite of long-haul riders.

A favorite among long-haul riders, the Co-Motion Americano Rohloff is outfitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

Writer Dan D’Ambrosio takes the Americano equipped with Rohloff 14-speed hub and Gates Carbon Drive on a tour of Vermont. While he admits the bike is pricey, his advice to those seeking a low-maintenance, car-replacing, do-it-all touring bike is unequivocal: “If you have $6,000 sitting around, run to the phone and order this baby now.”

The Co-Motion Americano Rohloff bike with Gates Carbon Drive in Adventure Cyclist Magazine.

And while you’re at it, run to the phone and join the Adventure Cycling Association, the nonprofit responsible for mapping and pioneering the greatest long-distance rides across the United States and beyond;

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