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Cyclocross season is alive and well in Colorado! Every weekend is full of races, the US Grand Prix will visit in October and there is even a mid-week cyclocross series for those who can’t get enough on the weekends. That weekday series is the Back to Basics Cyclocross Series, and this past week Cristina Begy, Carlos Casali and Jesse Swift showed up to work on their form.

Cristina started the evening with a strong ride on her singlespeed Raleigh Hodala with Gates Carbon Drive, winning the women’s A race and beating competitors on geared bikes. In the men’s singlespeed race, Carlos and Jesse separated themselves from the field on the first lap and worked together to create a cushion back to third place. Carlos had a great view as Jesse continued to work on his incredible bunny-hopping skills, smoothly riding the barriers every lap. Coming into the finish the two Gates Carbon Drive riders lined up for a gentlemanly man-to-man sprint, where Carlos narrowly took the victory.

Boulder Cyclocross Series, Race 2 Podium, with Brady Kappius, Carlos Casali and Ben Ollett

On Saturday, racing returned to the Xilinx complex in Longmont for the second event in the popular Boulder Cyclocross Series. The singlespeed cyclocross category continues to have a strong turnout with 24 riders toeing the line at a dusty and technical course. The Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team was represented by Cristina Begy, Carlos Casali, Garrett Davis and Taylor Jung. Right from the gun Carlos separated from the field and took Brady Kappius with him. The two of them worked together to stay away from the rest of the riders for the remainder of the race. After a strong pull by Carlos with one and half laps to go, Brady attacked and finished just ahead of Carlos.
Not far behind, Garrett was holding onto the top 10, while dealing with gearing that was a bit short for the course, and recovering from a week of being sick. Taylor was feeling stronger as the race progressed and caught up to Garrett so that the two could work together for the remainder of race. Taylor took 8th and Garrett took 9th.

Taylor Jung and Garrett Davis working together at Xilinx

Cristina finished up in 19th place, the only woman in the race AND after a very impressive 8th place in the Women’s open race earlier in the day!

Cristina Begy smoothly through the barriers.

So another positive week for the Team Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team as they continue to hone their form for the upcoming Colorado Best All Around Cyclocross team and rider competition which begins this weekend at altitude in Frisco! Carlos Casali’s two consecutive 2nd place finishes in the Boulder Cyclocross Series has him in the points lead, with round 3 coming up in Broomfield in a couple weeks.

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Beginning the journey in Deadhorse, Alaska

Riding through Alaska and the Yukon is not for the faint of heart. Bob Stanley has had to dodge bears, avoid washed out bridges, negotiate rutted roads, and share the highway with caribou and massive logging trucks.”It’s been a while since I attempted anything this foolhardy,” Stanley writes in the first post of his humorous and candid blog. Starting near Prudhoe Bay in Deadhorse, Alaska, Stanley has thus far crossed the Arctic Circle and passed into Canada’s Yukon Territory on his way to British Columbia and the continental United States, where he will follow the Pacific down to South America. Fifty-three days into his adventure as of his last posting, Stanley is riding a Co-Motion “Pangea” touring cycle with Gates Carbon Drive for cleanliness and low maintenance. Good luck Bob, and enjoy those hamburgers!

Bob poses with his bike before crossing the Arctic Circle

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The blue skinsuits dominated the field in the Wheelers and Dealers race at Cross Vegas last week, taking second, third and fourth while Cristina Begy represented in the pro women’s field–smiling all the way (photo credit

Jesse Swift, who took second in Wheelers and Dealers, edging out teammate Mitch Westall in third, had the crowd roaring as he jumped the barriers on every lap, the only person in the field to do so.  (photo: www.

With nine riders in the Wheelers and Dealers field Team Gates Carbon Drive was a dominant presence before and after the race. (photo:

The early season results show that the team will be a favorite once again for the Colorado Cross Cup. Fresh back from Vegas, Carlos Casali took second in the first race of the Boulder CX series, while Taylor Jung got a podium in Buena Vista. On September 10 at Queens of Cross the squad swept the podium. One day later at Green Mountain Taylor Jung won the Cat 4 race in a sprint finish, while Gates took second and third in the singlespeed category. Check out the videos of the team in action:

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Stop by the Gates Carbon Drive booth (#9143) next week in Vegas to see some of the hottest new urban/commuter bikes for 2012. Pairing a belt drive with an internally geared hub is an increasingly popular application for car-replacing commuter bikes due to its cleanliness and low maintenance. Gates will be showing the cream of the crop in this category of belted urban/city/commuter bikes. Pictured above is the Urban Challenge, or UC01, from BMC. It features a custom yellow belt in honor of BMC pro racer Cadel Evans’ victory in the Tour de France.  Front and rear views of this fast commuter equipped with fenders, lights, disc brakes and geared hub, are  below.

Leading outdoor retailer REI is a growing player in the bike market. For 2012, REI’s bike brand Novara will debut the Gotham, a commuter bike featuring two leading technologies–Gates Carbon Drive’s new CenterTrack drivetrain and the N360 “continuously variable planetary” hub from Nuvinci that offers infinite gearing between the high and low end. The Gotham, pictured below, will appear in the Momentum Magazine fashion show. Click here for more photos.

The Source 11, below, is a new 11-speed belt drive city bike from Specialized that is fully equipped with rear rack, headlight, fenders and disc brakes–ideal for getting to work car-free. The aggressive geometry makes this the commuter bike for working professionals who need to get there on time.

Schindelhauer is an award-winning German brand renowned for its aesthetically pleasing designs. Schindelhauer now has a North American distributor and its bikes will be available in the US in 2012.  Gates is happy to have a Ludwig XIV 14-speed in its booth fresh from Eurobike, where it won the prestigious “Best City Bike” award.

The RDA from England’s  Milk Bikes will also be available in the US in 2012. Milk gets its name from founder Mark Meadows’ childhood on a dairy farm. RDA stands for recommended daily allowance, as in get your Milk everyday for better health. Bottoms up to that, and see you in Vegas.

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Touring the show floor at Eurobike one thing becomes clear: Europe is getting belted. We will highlight a few bikes here. First up is the Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV, a 14-speed city bike that won best of show in the urban bike category at Eurobike.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the top US bike industry trade magazine, stopped by the Gates booth to write about belt drive e-bikes, of which Smart is one of the hottest developments. Smart, a division of automotive giant Daimler and the maker of those small fuel efficient cars you see zipping around San Francisco and other progressive US cities, will sell its new pedelec through its 600 dealerships in 2012, opening a new channel of sales and exposing more consumers to this new mobility solution. Click here to read BRAIN’s story about Smart and its interview with Karl Nicolai of Gates Europe, who worked with Smart to develop their e-bike.

Tout Terrain is a popular German brand that is distributed in the US through Peter White Cycles. For 2012 Tout Terrain is rolling out several new belt drive models including the Chiyoda and the Amber Road. The Chiyoda is Tout Terrain’s first bike without a rack, a fast commuter for cyclists who don’t plan to carry a heavy load. Amber Road is a 29er touring and commuting bike, part of a growing trend of big-wheeled fat-tired commuters. 

Tout Terrain Amber Road

And the Chiyoda, named for a district in Tokyo

BMC is a premium road racing brand that is launching an urban line in 2012. The flagship of the line is the Mass Challenge. Known as the MC01, it was inspired by members of the BMC Racing Team, including Tour de France winner Cadel Evans. The UC01 Urban Challenge is the other belted bike in BMC’s lineup.

Cadel Evans' super townie!

The Urban Challenge, UC01, with a yellow belt in Cadel's honor

Koga Signature custom touring rig

Fahrradmanufaktur Belt Lite

Overall there are about 40 bike brands showing belt drive models at Eurobike, including Fahrradmanufaktur, Koga, Trek, Avanti, Epple, Santana and more.

Avanti Inc 3 fast commuter

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