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Do you ride stationary bikes for fitness? Meet the FreeMotion Carbon Drive, the first and only indoor cycling bike available with Gates Carbon Drive. “In my 17 years in the indoor cycling industry, I have been searching for a maintenance free drive system that is low friction like a chain and still offers a dynamic bike feel,” says Pat Warner, Senior VP of Product Development for FreeMotion Fitness. ” We have achieved this with Carbon Drive. Carbon Drive is going to change the indoor cycling category.” Foundation Fitness is so pleased with the new bike that is is offering a five-year warranty on the Carbon Drive. Watch the video above to learn more. And read the press release here:

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The April 2012 issue of Velo that is now on newsstands features an in-depth review of the Source 11, the new belt drive super commuter from Specialized. “An aluminum frame and fork and top-notch parts spec get you to the office in style,” writes technical editor Nick Legan, who used the bike to commute to the Velo offices in Boulder for much of the winter. Legan calls it “a nearly perfect commuter.”  In particular, he likes the pairing of the Alfine 11 speed hub, Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack system and hydraulic disc brakes, which all “combine for a bike that is virtually maintenance-free.” Hub dynamo lights also mean you can always see, and be seen, out on the road at night, without ever worrying about changing batteries. You can check out the full spec and find out where to buy one here. More closeup photos can be seen on this Flickr photo set.

The Velo staff has been all over the Gates Carbon Drive of late. Looking for another low-maintenance commuter, writer Caley Fretz tested the Civia Kingfield. “If you commute in nice clothes, the Gates drive is invaluable in its grease-free operation.” This is the bike for you if “a silent, maintenance-free ride is at the top of your priorities list,” the review adds.

Pick up the April issue of Velo to read the reviews for yourself and support this venerable cycling magazine.

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“I ride every day and that belt drive is the best buy I’ve made in a long time.” So says Bill Boggs of Oceanside, Calif., about his Trek District.  Boggs is a college professor who encourages his students to exercise, and he rides about 25 miles a day, often on the hundreds of miles of bike trails and bike lanes in San Diego and Orange counties. “I average around 18 miles per hour for miles and miles,” he says. “After a long ride I simply wipe the grime off the bottom bracket and it’s ready for the next ride.”

Boggs bought the District because he wanted a low-maintenance singlespeed. “I can simply air up the tires and go. No chain to mess with in terms of lubrication and adjustment.” Boggs had his shop, Alpha Bikes, do a wheel rebuild to shave off more than a pound. The new front wheel is a 775-gram Neuvation R28SL Aero, the rear a Shimano XTR rim brake hub laced to a black Velocity Aerohead 36 hole rim. “Step on the pedals and it jumps forward. It weighs 18.5 pounds and is very comfortable and light.”

Boggs bought the bike from Brian at his local Trek store.

Boggs often stops for bagels and coffee at a cafe near Oceanside Harbor after a hard ride, and other cyclists approach to ogle his bike. “Sometimes, they pass up some very expensive bikes to check it out.”
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Ladies, do you have a high maintenance boyfriend? You know the type: likes to fix bikes and get his hands dirty but leaves a trail of grease and grime in his wake. Dude, have you ever heard of soap?

Check out Gates Carbon Drive’s new video: “High Maintenance Boyfriend,” which highlights the benefits of a clean and low-maintenance belt drive bike.
Unlike chains, Carbon Drive requires no greasy lube. That means clean hands–and fewer smudges on the refrigerator door. Join the clean and quiet bicycle revolution. Your belt drive won’t buy you flowers or remember your anniversary, but it may just rekindle your romance with cycling.

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We first met Mykyta Yurtyn in San Francisco last year at the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships, where he raced his singlespeed Raleigh Hodala CX bike with Gates Carbon Drive in the rain and mud of Golden Gate Park. Mykyta, who rides for Troupe Racing,  recently sent us an update:

“I just wanted to share with you a little adventure I had a couple of weeks ago. I raced Single Speed Solo at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and did it on my SSCX bike running the CDX Gates Carbon Drive. Bike was geared 50×25 with 115 belt. I raced the entire cross season on this belt (bike was geared 50×22 for cross), did countless miles in between, and now this 24 hour race. The drivetrain performed flawlessly during the race – smooth, quiet, efficient and reliable as always. I did the entire race, 11 laps and all 24 hours, on the same bike with belt drive. No mechanical issues, just lots of smooth fun in the desert on 2 wheels :) Thanks for the super cool, innovative and reliable product!”

Mykyta Yurtyn, the Mad Ukrainian, at SSCXWC

You can read Mykyta’s write-up on the Old Pueblo race at the link below:

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