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Denver’s 5280 Magazine has been riding a Spot with Gates Carbon Drive through the winter. Watch the video to get writer Lindsey McKissick’s full report. Here’s what she has to say: “No more rolling up one leg of your pants, no more lubing the chain, and a super quiet drivetrain. After a month of February slush and early spring weather, my jeans lacked their signature grease marks thanks to the Gates belt. I’m a bike nerd, yes, but even newbies will love this low-maintenance alternative.” Keep your eyes out for a full story about Gates in a fall issue of 5280.

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Commuting to the festival from Monterey on a BMC urbanchallenge was cool as a sea breeze

The Sea Otter Classic has wrapped up in Monterey, Calif., after four days of racing, riding and checking out new bikes. Gates Carbon Drive was represented on a number of beautiful bikes at the expo. Twentynineinches.com has posted some photos and info about two great new belt drive models including the Spot Brand Rocker Ti, and the Redline Monobelt 29.

The new Rocker Ti. Photo: www.twentynineinches.com

The Monobelt 29 from Redline. Photo: www.twentynineinches.com

Even the seagulls were checking out my BMC urbanchallenge. Don't you dare crap on my bike.

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On May 13, a new celebration of women and bikes will take place. The event is called CycloFemme, and female cyclists around the globe have signed on to participate in rides from the UK to Australia–73 group rides so far in 40 cities and eight countries, with more being created all the time. “For many women and young girls around the world, the bicycle is vital for safety, provides the opportunity to attend school, access to health care, and economic independence,” says Sarai Snyder, creator of CycloFemme and the founder of Girl Bike Love. “The bicycle is a vehicle for social change and we need more women leading that charge.”

Ride locations are posted on www.cyclofem.me. CycloFemme temporary tattoos will be available online to be worn as a representation of support. Proceeds from the sale of the temporary tattoos will benefit Mountain 2 Mountain, a Colorado non-profit that aids women and girls in conflict zones. Gates Carbon Drive encourages women and girls, and men and boys, to join the fun on May 13 and discover the power of bicycling to improve health, benefit the environment and economy, and tie communities together.

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Pick up issue No. 162 of Dirt Rag to read its review of the Rocker singlespeed 29er from Spot Brand. “I’ve had so much fun testing this bike that I lament having to send it back,” writes Stephen Haynes, who describes himself as a 225-pounder with a “doughnut loving ass.” Haynes focuses on the Gates Carbon Drive in a sidebar story. “After four months of abuse I have not had a single issue with the system,” he writes. “I’ll even admit that in the last few weeks of my test period I was trying to break the thing.” He continues: “Leaning back and mashing with everything my 225-pound ass could muster, only to have the damn thing spite me and continue to work perfectly. I’ve done no maintenance since it was installed; no scrubbing, wiping, or hosing down, and it continues to perform flawlessly. I think this could make a great drive train for singlespeed racers.”

Thanks for the good word Stephen. The next round of Krispy Kremes is on Gates. Just to be fair, the next time you review a chain-drive singlespeed, please stomp on the pedals with your doughnut power and try to break the chain. You probably can!

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The current issue of Outside Magazine features a glowing review of the new belt drive 29er from Reeb, the bike brand of Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado. Writer Aaron Gulley, Outside’s mountain biker in chief, calls the bike’s Gates Carbon Drive “ice smooth, totally efficient, and dead silent.” That’s a sweet compliment, but Outside goes even further by opening a cold can of whoop-ass on chain-drive singlespeeds. “For single-speeding, chains are dead,” the magazine says, quoting one of its testers. Hey, they said it, not us.

This isn’t the first time Outside has ridden a mountain bike with Gates Carbon Drive. The magazine previously chose the Spot Rocker as its 2011 singlespeed mountain bike of the year. Gulley, a skilled rider and racer, appears to be developing an addiction for belt drive mountain bikes, as evidenced by this blog post.

Oskar Blues is the favorite beer brand of Gates Carbon Drive, so we are extremely pleased that Reeb is already getting praise from national publications. If you don’t know the crew at OB, check out this video of them riding the open space near their brewery in Lyons, Colo.

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