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photo: Daniel Dunn

Is there any cooler way to win a race than boosting a wheelie over the finish line? (Wheelie photo courtesy  That’s what Macky Franklin did on Stage 6 of the Breck Epic, scoring some style points and showing he still had some gas in the tank after the grueling stage race. Franklin, of Taos, NM, is now preparing for his next big race: Singlespeed World Championships 2012 in South Africa on September 29.

Photo: Syd Schulz

Franklin sent us a note about his Breck Epic win and the REEB with Gates Carbon Drive that he used to slay the competition in Breckenridge and will bring to South Africa.

“I love the Gates Carbon Drive! I raced the Breck Epic the last two years, but always with gears. Since I wanted to race another world championships (once again unsanctioned) and wanted to get used to my new REEB single speed before I attended Single Speed World Championships in South Africa, I decided Breck Epic would be a great way to spend a lot of time on the new bike. And I ended up winning it! So aside from being very used to the new REEB (240+ miles in 6 days will do that), I can add “World Champion” to my resume.”

In true singlespeed style Macky took a Dale's Pale Ale feed during Breck Epic. photo: Jim Schulz

Macky lost a cleat during Stage 4 but still hammered it. photo: Sydney Fox

Check out more photos of Franklin’s bike on CyclingDirt. Anyone else planning to ride Singlespeed Worlds on a bike with Gates Carbon Drive? Send us a note here or contact us on Facebook and let us know what bike you’re riding. With wins in the 2012 Tour Divide, Megavalanche and now Breck Epic, as well as the success of Team Gates Carbon Drive’s mountain bike and cyclocross teams, Carbon Drive is proving itself to be a race-winning application for singlespeeders. Live in Colorado? Get yourself to Lyons or Longmont to have a cold Dale’s Pale and check out REEB Cycles headquarters.

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Photo: Syd Schulz

Macky Franklin of Taos, NM, has won the singlespeed division of the Breck Epic, making him the first winner of the inaugural Singlespeed Stage Race World Championships. Franklin rode a REEB 29er with Gates Carbon Drive in the six-stage race, which covered 240 miles and featured 37,000 feet of climbing, all above 9,600 feet. Here’s what Franklin had to say on the Mountain Flyer blog:

“The REEB was AWESOME! Especially paired with the Gates Carbon Drive. It climbed well, handled the descents well and dealt with mud better than any bike I’ve ever ridden. It was nice and quiet, strong, and had great engagement. I quickly learned to just ignore it and was able to focus on cranking up the climbs instead of worrying about mis-shifting or my chain breaking. Single speeding is FUN!”

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Attending Eurobike 2012? Visit the Gates Carbon Drive booth (A2/202) to check out some cool new 2013 belt drive bikes–including one of the most technologically advanced full-suspension bikes of the year, Mi-Tech’s 29er with a Pinion gearbox. This bike will have huge media interest due to its technological innovations. Instead of an internally geared hub, which adds weight to the rear wheel, the gearbox is located in the bottom bracket, providing a more balanced bike that is low maintenance and takes a beating. Say goodbye to derailleurs.

E-bikes are also very hot in Europe. One of the most highly anticipated models is the Smart electric bike bike. Call it the Prius or Smart Car of bikes. It captures energy from braking to power up the battery. Smart is using a Gates Carbon Drive instead of a chain to provide superior performance. Check out the video:

German bike maker Schindelhauer will show off itsThinBike (pictured above). With bars that twist to the side to save space and pedals that fold up, the ThinBike is designed for space-cramped city dwellers who want a full-size bicycle that is easy to store in small apartments. The bike was designed in collaboration with founder Graham Hill. Watch the video:

In addition to these bikes, Gates will be showing off a number of new belt drive bikes from Nicolai (which is also building a Pinion gearbox prototype), Grace (a new e-bike), a custom Cyfac tandem, a fat tire bike from Sandman Bikes, as well as Frank Schneider’s Megavalanche SS hardtail, and many more. Stay tuned for more updates on interesting bikes with Gates Carbon Drive that will be rolling out at Eurobike. Sehr gut!

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Bike Magazine calls Frank Schneider a “hard, hard man” and “one bad mofo.” We couldn’t agree more. Schneidy has been getting big props in the bike blogosphere since his rowdy descent of Alpe d’Huez a few weeks ago. Competing against guys on full-suspension enduro bikes, Schneider won the Masters Challenger Class of the Megavalanche Cup on a singlespeed hardtail. His burly Nicolai hardtail features a six-inch travel fork and Gates Carbon Drive. Watch the new video of him pre-riding the course (due to the mass start it’s tough to get race footage of individual riders). Maybe next year there will be some challengers for Schneidy on SS hardtails. Are there any other hard dudes out there? Anyone?

The video even includes a sexy shower scene!

Here’s the video:

Frank Schneider – Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez 2012 from Whyex Productions on Vimeo.

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Tour Divide 2012 winner Oliver “Ollie” Whalley is back home in New Zealand and already charging hard into the cyclocross season. Ollie is racing on a Raleigh Hodala singlespeed carbon frame with Gates Carbon Drive. Ollie has been named as an official member of Team Gates Carbon Drive down under, and Gates couldn’t be happier to have him aboard. Ollie wasted no time–winning his first CX singlespeed race despite having leg muscles that are still shredded from riding 2,700 miles down the Rockies in record time.
“Got the frame built up just hours before the CX race yesterday,” Whalley wrote us. “The Raleigh frame rides amazingly well and I was stoked to be back on knobbly skinnies. The Gates Carbon Drive was flawless. The bike has super clean lines with just the brake cables and I’ve never had a ride that is so easy to carry,  a combination of the etheral weight and the nicely shaped top tube. Just as well, because the steep switchback climb forced me to shoulder the bike early on. This only lasted a few laps before the burn settled in and I was walking, and after a closely fought battle for the singlespeed category I got the win by 20 seconds. Awesome field and some close competition on a brutal course has me stoked on cyclocross, probably the polar opposite to Tour Divide riding in terms of duration and intensity!”
Watch Ollie, known to bike friends as the Wookie due to his hairy legs, talk about his gear and hear him do a wookie impersonation in this video:

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