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  August 27, 2009

CIMA-inspecting belt

The carbon cords inside the patented Gates Carbon Drive™ belt offer, for the first time, the necessary tensile strength and high modulus to provide the smooth, clean, and long lasting ride advantage of a “belt” driven system in a bicycle application. The specially designed tooth pitch and meticulously engineered sprocket profile afford the belt efficiency equal to that of a standard chain, with the low tension necessary to prevent unnecessary bearing load on other components.

The super-light sprockets are finished with a new coating specifically formulated to provide unmatched durability even in abrasive conditions. Already referred to as a “magic Item, that will change many of the bikes we ride,” Gates Carbon Drive™ offers a truly revolutionary technology that already has created an amazing amount of end-user interest and demand.

There are many size belts and sprockets to choose from to create your perfect ride.