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Introducing: The Courier Project

  February 9, 2010

When Gates went looking for cyclists to street test its revolutionary Carbon Drive System, it focused on the most hardcore group of riders out there: couriers and messengers. These guys ride everyday, all year, through rain, sleet, snow and hangovers. Their bikes must be reliable and fast, no compromises accepted. In honor of all the hard-charging bike messengers across America, Carbon Drive Systems has launched the Courier Project.

Here’s the deal: Gates has provided Denver Boulder Couriers with two bikes equipped with Carbon Drive—a stock Trek District singlespeed and a custom Primus Mootry. The goal: have the couriers ride ’em hard and collect their stories here.

So far, the feedback is highly positive. “F-ing wow! Pardon me. Love the thing,” says Tim Quinn, general manager of Denver Boulder Couriers. Before getting onto a Carbon Drive bike, Quinn was skeptical. “My initial thought was ‘These guys are trying to reinvent the wheel.’ Boy was I wrong. The drive train is very smooth and completely silent.”

Quinn stomped uphill on one of his first rides, impressed by the Carbon Drive’s ability to efficiently transfer power from his legs to the drive to the pavement. “Pushing the gear is seemingly effortless. The lack of friction makes the bike easier to pedal than any of my bicycles with a chain. I really do believe it will require less wattage to push this thing around town.”

And it’s so much quieter. “The mental factor of hearing nothing helps as well. It’s nice having a silent machine under your feet.” Quinn has ridden both the District and the Primus Mootry, which are both ready for any of the messengers to take out for a delivery run. “This is a great application for urban cycling,” Quinn says. “I want one!”

Anything else, Tim?

“Oh yeah, my pants have not gotten dirty.”

No lube, no fuss, lightweight, ride it hard then hose it off and put it away wet. Stay tuned for more stories from the mean streets.

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