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LA Times Calls Carbon Drive ‘Ready for Prime Time’

  March 22, 2010

LaTimes-logoSmall1Los Angeles Times bicycling writer Roy Wallack has written one of the most comprehensive reviews of Carbon Drive bikes to date. And he’s impressed:

“The system offers a number of benefits over the 150-year-old chain,” Wallack writes. “It’s lighter; doesn’t use grease; requires no maintenance; won’t break, stretch, rust or fall off; and, best of all, it offers a pronounced improvement in ‘engagement’ — the millisecond it takes for the bike to react to your pedaling forces.”

The article notes that Greg Martin won the single-speed division of the grueling 24 Hours of Adrenalin Solo World Championship this past July on a Carbon Drive-powered bike, leading Wallack to conclude that belt drive bikes are “ready for prime time.” The article included reviews of the Spot SS 29er, the Trek Soho, Co-Motion Americano Rohloff and Globe Live 3.

globe with gates belt drive and carbo platform
Globe with belt drive and cargo platform.

Read the full article here.