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Bicycle Times: Gates Belt Drive has Performed Flawlessly

  April 12, 2010
soho bike with gates carbon drive belt system
Justin Steiner of is enjoying his Soho with Carbon Drive.

Bicycle Times writer Justin Steiner has been commuting to work this winter on a Trek Soho with Gates Carbon Drive, and he’s pumped on the clean, quiet and low-maintenance belt and sprocket system.

“So far, the Gates Belt Drive has performed flawlessly, with no need for any maintenance—haven’t even had to tension the belt during the test period,” he writes in his online review. “Just look how clean this thing is despite being ridden through a salty, sloppy winter and a muddy spring thaw. I’d much rather spend my time riding bikes than cleaning them, so this lack of maintenance has been wonderful.”

Trek calls its 8-speed Soho an Urban Assault Vehicle. We see it as part of a growing segment of commuter bikes with Carbon Drive. No more lube, no more greasy pants and less time doing maintenance means it’s easier than ever to stop commuting by car and start riding to work instead.

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Trek Soho with gates belt drive
The Carbon Drive powers through mud and slop that would gunk up a chain (photo: Justin Steiner).