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Extra! Extra! Bicycle Times Reviews Globe Live 3. French Paperboys Want One

  May 4, 2010
Globe Live with Carbon Drive belt system
photo: Justin Steiner,

The Globe Live 3 is a belt-drive bike with a French twist. Its large front rack and frame geometry are inspired by the porteur bikes used in the 1950s by Parisian newspaper carriers.

The Globe’s Carbon Drive System–combined with the front rack–makes this a clean and low-maintenance workhorse of a bike, perfect for trips to the grocery or farmers’ market. And who knows? If gas gets expensive enough, maybe we’ll even see paperboys using porteur bikes like the Globe again someday.

Justin Steiner of Bicycle Times has written a post about the Globe.  Steiner will pen a longer review in issue No. 7 of the magazine, available on newsstands this summer. Steiner has been getting his fill of belt drive bikes this year. He previously reviewed the Trek Soho, another great commuter bike with Carbon Drive.

Globe Live 3 with Gates Carbon Drive belt system
photo: Justin Steiner,