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And towards the end of the 5th month…….

  May 24, 2010
5th month Gates Carbon Drive
Riding the future of Ned










5th month Gates Carbon Drive
Sign ‘o’ the times

I will keep this simple as to not wax on forever. But, despite snow in the air as I write this (true) there is some singletrack to ride up here. And it is tacky and lovely – and I have to say that I believe a new day is dawning (and no I am not referring to remote infared cam’s in the woods to observe) I am talking about Re-Root and Sam’s CLub and the new era that is being cracked open right now. Today is the future. It’s a new year. Show your trails some love. Dedicate 5% of your time to trail maintanence. The magical thing that you will discover – is that the next time you ride that section you cleaned up, or maybe re-routed out of a drainage, or just gave some care to. When next you ride it – you will feel a sense of elation and ownership and your trail experience will never be the same. Do it. Just Do It. It’s only natural.