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Self Magazine Loves the ‘Greaseless Chain’ Bike, Calling it ‘So Cool!’

  June 1, 2010

Self Magazine Gates Carbon Drive


Self has published a review of the Globe Live 3 commuter bike and is psyched about the Gates Carbon Drive–or as they called it, the “greaseless chain.” It’s actually a belt, which is why no grease or lube is needed. So if you go to a bike shop and ask for the Globe with the greaseless chain, don’t be surprised if the clerk is a little confused.Here’s what Self had to say: “The greaseless chain–so cool!–will keep your pant legs office-ready. Take it from someone who has never completed a bike ride without the signature semi-circle of black triangles on her shins–this is a big deal!”

A big deal indeed.Commuters no longer have to worry about getting grease on their pants or hands. That may be why the number of bike models carrying the Carbon Drive System is exploding. Check out the review.