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Denver and Boulder Bike Messengers Ride the Belt

  July 9, 2010

Bike Messengers Gates Carbon Drive

Bike messengers put a lot of stress and strain on their bikes, riding through rain and snow and all weather conditions like a modern Pony Express. The guys at Denver Boulder Couriers in Colorado are no exception. They pedal up to 50 miles on an average shift, riding for seven-plus hours to deliver packages and documents to businesses, hospitals, law offices and government agencies. There is no time for mechanical failures or maintenance problems with their bikes. Denver Boulder Couriers has a secret weapon to keep them on schedule: Gates Carbon Drive. “It’s super efficient, it’s really light, there’s no lag time when you’re coming out of a stop sign or stoplight, “says DBC messenger Sam Reinish. General manager Tim Quinn says ease of maintenance is another big advantage: “There hasn’t been any” on their Primus Mootry bikes with the Carbon Drive System.

Bike Messengers Gates Carbon Drive

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