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Bike Rumor’s Hot Belt-Drive Bike Picks from Interbike

  October 14, 2010
Spot Brand Acme equipped with Gates Carbon Drive belt system
CenterTrack Drive on Spot Acme Bike. Photo:

Bike Rumor is one of our favorite sites for bike news and reviews, and editor Tyler Benedict has just posted a story and lots of pictures (including a Kona full-suspension bike with belt drive!) about the revolutionary new CenterTrack drive train from Gates. Writes Benedict: “Here’s why you’re gonna want it: the entire system weighs just 190g. That’s for the front and rear pulley and the belt, which is about 50g lighter than their prior top o’ the line system and getting within spittin’ distance of half of what chain weighs.” That’s nothing to sneeze, er, spit at. Check out the story and pictures here.