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New ‘Team Gates Carbon Drive’ Video: Cross Vegas 2010, Belted

  October 20, 2010
Cross Vegas 2010 Gates Carbon Drive
Carlos Casali hammers at Cross Vegas

Team Gates Carbon Drive raced at Cross Vegas for the first time. Since then the squad is off to a roaring start in the singlespeed cyclocross category, with multiple podium sweeps in Colorado’s ACA league. Check out this new video of the team racing at Cross Vegas and experience the sights, sounds, excitement (and disco music) of a night under the lights in Vegas, Baby. It’s money.

Cross Vegas 2010 Gates Carbon Drive
Singlespeeding gives you big guns!

The team flies to Seattle this weekend (Oct. 23-24) for the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships. Check back here for updates as Brian Hutchison, Derek Strong, Garrett Davis and Ben Ollett face off against top singlespeeders from around the universe. Meantime, Carlos “the Big Brazilian” Casali will stay behind to defend his first-place standings in the Colorado Cup and Boulder CX series. Spectators swear they felt the ground shake when Carlos crashed last weekend, so stay out of his way. And don’t forget to watch the stylish Cross Vegas video from our ace videographer Mat Barlow. It’s so good you’ll want to watch it twice.