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Bicycling Magazine Calls Gates Carbon Drive ‘the Future of Cyclocross’

  February 7, 2011
BIke Magazine Gates Carbon Drive
“The Future of Cyclocross”

The writers and editors at Bicycling have been testing a Spot Mod SS cyclocross bike with Gates Carbon Drive since the fall, and the results are in: they love it more than CX fans love cowbells.

“The Gates Drive system is arguably the most ideal drive train available on a bike for wet and muddy conditions,” says Bicycling’s cyclocross writer Matt Allyn. “Throughout an entire season, our Gates CDX drivetrain proved unstoppable in mud, rain and snow, or anything else we could throw at it.” Carbon Drive runs exceptionally clean, Allyn says. “When a chain drivetrain starts to clog, suck and stick, the belt drive keeps on rolling.”

“The Future of Cyclocross”

Bicycling likewise had nothing but praise for the Spot Mod SS, calling it one of its favorite cyclocross bikes. Team Gates Carbon Drive won the Colorado Cup singlespeed category on this same bike, so the Spot is a proven winner. With a sturdy steel frame, the Mod SS “had no trouble pushing the pace with geared carbon fiber rigs,” Allyn writes.