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Base Urban: Belt Drive Bikes from Perth, Australia

  March 10, 2011
Austrailia Bikes Gates Carbon Drive
8-speed RD1.0

Our friends at Australia’s Flying Machine Bicycle Design Studio are launching a new line of belt-drive bikes called BASE Urban, made for the rigors of urban living. Check out the Bike Rumor post about Base Urban, which called their RD2.0 a “commuting jugernaut.”

Austrailia Bikes Gates Carbon Drive
The RD2.0

Base Urban’s four models are all made of chromoly aircraft tubing, all have Gates Carbon Drive, two are geared and have disc brakes, and two are fixed gear. Based in the western Australian city of Perth, these guys know a thing or two about fashion and function. Here is an excerpt from their news release describing Base Urban’s desire to provide city dwellers with bikes “perfectly suited to the rigors of urban life:”

“Low maintenance, ease of operation, consistent performance, durability and longevity are all terms synonymous with high quality urban bikes. These were the primary focus during the development of BASE Urban , along with a unique look and feel to help owners conquer the urban landscape in style. At the centre of achieving the desired characteristics for urban cycling is the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system. Receiving wide acclaim for super low maintenance, quiet operation, ultra long life and clean grease free operation the belt system really needs to be ridden to be understood. With perfect engagement between rider and machine the belt enables the two to become closer than ever before.”

Austrailia Bikes Gates Carbon Drive
The fixie FX1.0