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Sneak Peek: Belt Drive E-Bike with NuVinci and Bosch Technology Provides Glimpse of Electric Bike of the Future

  March 17, 2011
E-Bike Gates Carbon Drive
E-Bike prototype featuring Gates Carbon Drive and NuVinci hub

With gas prices soaring, electric bicycles are gaining attention as an efficient and affordable means of transportation. The technology of e-bikes is rapidly advancing. Witness this new prototype introduced at the Taipei Cycle trade show in Taiwan. The bike integrates the new Gates CenterTrack belt drive, NuVinci’s N360 infinitely variable planetary hub and Bosch electronics.

E-Bike Gates Carbon Drive
NuVinci N360 infinitely variable planetary hub mated with Gates Carbon Drive

The prototype was created by Gates to give bike manufacturers ideas for the e-bike of the future. The Gates Carbon Drive provides a chain-free, clean, quiet, light and strong drive train that requires no lubrication and has a long lifespan. The NuVinci hub offers seamless shifting and an infinite gearing range between the high and low ends, allowing riders to feather their pedaling cadence regardless of terrain. Bosch’s battery is mounted on the downtube to allow builders to design step-over models with women’s specific geometry. The handlebar mounted electronic console allows riders to choose the level of power: eco, tour, sport or speed.

E-Bike Gates Carbon Drive
The command console

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