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Cycling in India on a Belt-Drive Koga

  April 19, 2011

Dutch adventure cyclist Eric Schuijt rides the Gates belt-drive Koga 'Signature' bike on his epic trips.Eric Schuijt is a Dutch adventure cyclist who has pedaled in locations around the world. He owns the De Vakantiefietser (The Holiday Biker) shop in Amsterdam, which sells only trekking and touring bikes. For the past two years Eric has been riding the belt-drive Koga “Signature” on his epic trips.India Gates Carbon DriveEric has posted several videos of his adventures in northeastern India aboard his bike with Gates Carbon Drive. The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles and are highly entertaining, showing the drama of hitting the open road on two wheels in a foreign land.

Adventure cyclist Eric Schuijt riding a Gates Carbon Drive outfitted bike through Northeastern India.Visiting Amsterdam on a bicycle holiday? Stop by De Vakantiefietser at 216 Westerstraat and ask for Eric. He can supply you with everything needed for a long-distance bike trek. You can see more of Eric’s adventures here.

India Gates Carbon Drive