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Watch the Gates Carbon Drive Videos on Youtube

  April 26, 2011
The Outdoor Demo video on the Gates Carbon Drive YouTube channel highlights the growing popularity of belt-driven bikes.
Click the photo to get the scoop on Gates Carbon Drive at Outdoor Demo

With more than 90 bike models in 2011, Gates Carbon Drive continues to become more popular every year. Watch the new video from Outdoor Demo to glimpse some of the sexiest chain-free bikes on the market. Shot by videographer Mat Barlow, the video captures the sights, sounds and excitement surrounding Gates’ revolutionary clean, quiet, light and strong drive train.

Curious for more? Check out the full roster of videos on Youtube’s GatesCarbonDrive channel. The videos explain how the technology works, describe how to maintain and install it, show the culture behind belt-drive bikes and highlight the racers, riders and couriers who are getting on it. There are also gorgeous images of bikes and footage of the beer drinkers and brewers who think Carbon Drive is the bomb. Isn’t it time to get belted?

The Gates Carbon Drive YouTube channel has videos ranging from parts demos to rider spotlights.