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The Tweed Run, a London Tour on a Schindelhauer Belt Drive Bike: Watch the Video

  April 28, 2011

Cyclists riding singlespeed Schindelhauer bikes with Gates Carbon Drive at the London Tweed Run.London’s Tweed Run is a uniquely British cycling event featuring retro bikes and participants in tweedy, old-fashioned attire, knickers and handlebar mustaches. Riders bicycle 10 miles through the heart of London, past Big Ben and along the Thames. Six hundred people participated in the 2011 Tweed Run including Dick Vincent and a team from Bike Republic on a stylish singlespeed Schindelhauer “Siegried” with Gates Carbon Drive. “I rather like the belt drive system,” says one rider who tested Vincent’s Siegfried. “It’s glorious.” Watch the video here.

A Schindelhauer bike with Gates Carbon Drive at the London Tweed Run cycling event.Read more about Schindelhauer’s bike models with Gates Carbon Drive here.