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Tune Up Your Belt: Sonic Tension Tester iPhone App Now Available from iTunes

  May 25, 2011

App Gates Carbon DriveProper belt tension is key to the optimal performance of your Gates Carbon Drive. Thanks to a new iPhone app developed by Gates, fine-tuning your belt tension is easier than ever. Simply hold your iPhone beside the belt and pluck the belt like a guitar string. The program measures the frequency of the “note” emitted by the belt and determines whether you need to tighten up or loosen your tensioners.

Developed for consumers who own belt drive bikes and bike shop employees who service bicycles with Carbon Drive, the iPhone app is an integral part of Gates’ push to make its clean, quiet, light and strong belt drive systems as easy and familiar to use as chains. The iPhone app also includes a pulley, or sprocket, Size Calculator that allows cyclists to determine their ideal pulley and belt setup. Click here to download the app from iTunes. For all you wrenches out there, it’s like sweet music for your ears.

App Gates Carbon Drive