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Road Bike Action Magazine Gets Belted

  August 2, 2011

Road Bike Action Magazine features the Gates Carbon Drive outfitted Spot Brand commuter bike in their August issue.

Road Bike Action is a much-respected roadie’s magazine known for its great coverage of the racing scene and bike technology. It is not the place one goes to read about commuter bikes. Until now. The editors were so impressed with the new belt-drive Acme performance commuter from Spot Brand that they featured the bike and its Gates Carbon Drivein their August issue. “Throw a leg over one and you will be astounded at how smooth it rides,” say the editors. “No chain noise, chain slap or grease.” With a carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and an 11-speed Alfine internally geared hub, the Acme is on the leading edge of the bike industry’s shift toward producing low-maintenance fast citybikes that get you from Point A to Point B in style. So how about it roadies? Isn’t it time you got out of the car and started commuting on a fast pavement bike?

The Acme performance Spot Brand commuter bike with Gates Carbon Drive highlighted in Road Bike Action Magazine's August issue.