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Mountain Flyer Calls Belt Drive Spot Rocker ‘Singlespeedus Perfectus’

  August 16, 2011
Mountain Flyer Magazine gives high marks to the Spot Brand Rocker SS singlespeed bike featuring Gates CenterTrack drive.
Spot Brand’s Rocker translates in Latin to ‘singlespeedus perfectus’

Mountain Flyer is a Colorado-based magazine with great writing and photographs about riding in the Rocky Mountains. Editor Brian Riepe recently spent a month testing Spot Brand’s Rocker SS singlespeed, which features Gates’ new CenterTrack drive. Riepe praises the belt drive as “smoother than The Fonz. The more mud and water you throw at it, the better it performs.”

Riepe likewise gives high marks to Spot’s patented Kobe sliding dropouts, which he calls “flawless,” and the best slider he’s seen. “Handmade steel singlespeeds have had this effect on me before, and I could be blinded by the miasma of newfound love, but Spot’s Rocker SS, spec’d with Gates’ new CenterTrack Carbon Drive could possibly be singlespeedus perfectus.” You don’t need to speak Latin–or know what miasma means for that matter–to understand that Riepe is hot for this bike.

Want to see the Rocker SS in action? Check out the stylish video shot by Mountain Flyer of the 29er ripping the trails in Crested Butte.