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Touring the Americas–and Dodging Bears–on a Belt-Drive Co-Motion

  September 26, 2011
Beginning the journey in Deadhorse, Alaska

Riding through Alaska and the Yukon is not for the faint of heart. Bob Stanley has had to dodge bears, avoid washed out bridges, negotiate rutted roads, and share the highway with caribou and massive logging trucks.”It’s been a while since I attempted anything this foolhardy,” Stanley writes in the first post of his humorous and candid blog. Starting near Prudhoe Bay in Deadhorse, Alaska, Stanley has thus far crossed the Arctic Circle and passed into Canada’s Yukon Territory on his way to British Columbia and the continental United States, where he will follow the Pacific down to South America. Fifty-three days into his adventure as of his last posting, Stanley is riding a Co-Motion “Pangea” touring cycle with Gates Carbon Drive for cleanliness and low maintenance. Good luck Bob, and enjoy those hamburgers!

Bob poses with his bike before crossing the Arctic Circle