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Commuting on a Focus Urban 8

  October 27, 2011

Justin Ferris of Elmira, NY, recently sent us a note about the joy of commuting on his Focus Urban 8. Justin bought the Focus after looking at a range of options, but he was sold on the bike because of its Gates Carbon Drive, eight-speed Alfine hub, disc brakes and beautiful powdercoat paint job. “The Gates/Alfine hub combo dominates any 27 speed gears and chain in my opinion,” he writes. Justin went on to say:

I ride my Focus about 20 miles a day (actually mostly at night) for exercise/enjoyment, and commute to work with it a couple times a week. Warm weather, cold weather, and even rainy days , mostly well maintained roads, and some decent sized hills. Its amazing how SILENT the belt drive rides. I can literally here crickets and owls when I ride at night. It also pedals so much smoother then ANY chain I’ve ever ridden. I was skeptical about a belt drive before I tried one, now I can’t ever picture myself buying a new bike that didn’t have a Gates system.

Thanks for the note, Justin. We hope the Gates hat and shirt come in handy on your long commutes.

20 miles a day keeps the doctor away!