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Singlespeed CX World Championships

  November 19, 2011
Taylor Jung runs the grueling 'Lyon Stairs,' which brought riders to the verge of puking

Team Gates Carbon Drive flew to San Francisco this weekend for Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships. Qualifiers took place on Saturday and required riders to complete various tasks, or “Feats of Strength,” from a hill sprint to a dollar bill grab to a beach run. Everyone who finished in the top half of the qualifying events gets to race in the championships on Sunday. Below are some shots of the action and scene in SF, where belt drives were featured on many bikes in addition to the Gates squad’s. Taylor Jung, Taylor Nye, Pete Thompson, Mitch Westall, Jesse Swift andCristina Begy made it to SF for the weekend of fun, which featured members of River City Bicycles’ belt drive team as well.

Jesse Swift in a moment of calm reflection with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background
The beach run
Mykyta Yurtyn, the Mad Ukrainian, turned up to represent on his bellt drive Raleigh for the Troupe team
Ryan Weaver of River City Bicycles bringing sexy back to cycling during the mandatory photo shoot
Taylor Jung charges the California Street hill
Mitch Westall with his Raleigh during one of the many mandatory photo stops
The new Spot "Mod Disc" made its debut at SSCXWC and turned some heads
The Mod Disc features Spot's new disc-ready carbon fiber fork
Kathleen McMahon showed up with her belt drive Baron
Troy Evans on his belted Boo