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Greetings from Gouda, The Netherlands, Home of Great Cheese and Belt Drive Bikes

  November 28, 2011

arthur den haan riding for healthArthur den Haan from the Dutch city of Gouda (where the so-named cheese comes from) sent us a nice note recently about how riding his new bike with Gates Carbon Drive has improved his health and fitness. Arthur says he rides more because he no longer has to maintain a chain. Here is Arthur in his own words:

“My health has substantially improved since I got a Gates Carbon Drive bike. The reason is that I no longer fear the rain because it might cause corrosion on my chain and lead to extra maintenance (as it did on my chain-equipped bike). I went up from about 1,500 miles to 4,000 miles a year. My blood pressure went down, I lost weight, gained physical condition and had a marvelous time along the way! This may sound exaggerated, but the fact of the matter is that a trouble- and maintenance-free piece of equipment really can tip the balance.”

Arthur, 54, owned a previous mountain bike but spent too much time cleaning his chain. “I meticulously cleaned my chain every 4 or 5 rides with a toothbrush and kerosene, flushing and re-greasing it afterwards.” When he learned about Carbon Drive, Arthur decided to get his “once-in-a-lifetime dream bike,” a custom titanium 29er from Dutch brand Van Nicholas. He outfitted it with Carbon Drive, a Rohloff geared hub, carbon Lefty fork, and a loop bar for comfort and “more positions for your hands.” Arthur has ridden more than 3,000 kms since getting his Van Nicholas in June, and he can be seen frequently pedaling through the farmlands and pastures surrounding Gouda, a picturesque city founded in 1272.

Gouda 2

And for you foodies and cheese-hounds, Arthur says the mass-produced factory Gouda that is sold around the world doesn’t compare to the flavorful handmade variety from his region. “The explanation for the rich quality of proper Gouda cheese is that the cows feast on some of the best grass in the country, hence their milk is superb,” he says. If you ever get to Gouda, pick up a wax-covered wheel of cheese at the farmers market and look for Arthur riding through the farmlands and fields.