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Pink Belt Independent Fabrications Fixie: A Bike for Killing Cancer

  January 10, 2012

Bicycles are for riding, but every once in a while one comes along that just needs to be stared at and appreciated as a piece of art. The pink belted Pablove fixie from Independent Fabrications is such a bike. In addition to being a stunning example of craftsmanship, it is a bicycle with a cause.

Gary Smith of Independent Fabrications built the fixed gear bike to raise money for the Pablove Foundation, a nonprofit that raises money for child cancer research. Smith got the idea for the stainless steel bike with pink accents after receiving a special one-time-only run of pink belts from Gates Carbon Drive, which produced the belts for Pablove. Gates plans to display the bike in its booth at the upcoming North American Handmade Bike Show in Sacramento in early March. Pablove, Independent Fabrications and Gates are now brainstorming ways to raffle or sell the bike to raise money for Pablove’s anti-cancer efforts. Stay tuned for details, and make sure to come by NAHBS in Sacramento to see the bike up close.

To read the full story of the bike and to learn more about Independent Fabrications click here for the blog post from Gary Smith of Indy Fab.