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Wired Names Spot Brand’s Ajax Belt to its Gear of the Year List

  January 18, 2012
The Ajax, Wired’s ‘favorite urban velocipede.’
Wired Magazine knows a thing or two about technological innovation, so we are pleased to report that our pal John Bradley the gear editor at Wired has named Spot Brand’s ‘Ajax Belt’ the magazine’s favorite urban bike of 2011. Here’s what Wired has to say about the bike and its Gates Carbon Drive:
The matte-black Ajax looks stealthy, and it’s even more so once you ride it. Though materials and build play a part in the Ajax’s silent operation, the main reasons are the 8-speed internal Shimano Alfine hub and Gates belt drive at the heart of the bike’s derailleur-free drivetrain. All gearing is internal, meaning no derailleurs to break, bend, or fall out of tune. Internal hubs even let you shift gears without pedaling — a godsend for urban commuters who forget to downshift before stopping at red lights. With the Ajax, Spot takes the simplicity and dependability further by replacing the chain with a belt, like the ones found on automotive engines. The durable belts, made from layers of polyurethane, rubber and carbon-fiber strands, don’t need lubrication, either — no grease stains on your chinos. It all adds up to one badass bike for the to-and-fro commuter, and our favorite urban velocipede we tested this year.

Read John Bradley’s original review of the Spot Ajax, and check out their Gear of the Year selection that includes the Ajax (you’ll have to scroll down past all the laptops and other gizmos to see the Ajax).