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Doughnut Power! Dirt Rag Gets Rockered and Belted

  April 10, 2012

Pick up issue No. 162 of Dirt Rag to read its review of the Rocker singlespeed 29er from Spot Brand. “I’ve had so much fun testing this bike that I lament having to send it back,” writes Stephen Haynes, who describes himself as a 225-pounder with a “doughnut loving ass.” Haynes focuses on the Gates Carbon Drive in a sidebar story. “After four months of abuse I have not had a single issue with the system,” he writes. “I’ll even admit that in the last few weeks of my test period I was trying to break the thing.” He continues: “Leaning back and mashing with everything my 225-pound ass could muster, only to have the damn thing spite me and continue to work perfectly. I’ve done no maintenance since it was installed; no scrubbing, wiping, or hosing down, and it continues to perform flawlessly. I think this could make a great drive train for singlespeed racers.”

Thanks for the good word Stephen. The next round of Krispy Kremes is on Gates. Just to be fair, the next time you review a chain-drive singlespeed, please stomp on the pedals with your doughnut power and try to break the chain. You probably can!