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Mountain Flyer Reviews the REEB

  May 4, 2012

Mountain Flyer spent part of the winter and spring on a REEB 29er with Gates Carbon Drive, and the magazine has just published a nice write up of the bike. REEB is the house bike brand of noted beer maker Oskar Blues, a favorite beverage at Gates Carbon Drive events and a prolific supporter of bike racing. Here’s what Mountain Flyer writer Jordan Carr wrote about the REEB:

Oskar Blues has created a distinctive trail rig with the REEB. Trail-oriented geometry and components mated with the simplicity of a belt-driven singlespeed produce a unique ride experience that quickly became a favorite go-to rig at the office. Caked with early-season mud, the belt-drive system worked flawlessly day after day. The trail-geometry paired with the absence of gears, pivots and linkage offered the convenience of that quick lunchtime romp, without sacrificing the fun.

“We wanted to build a simple bike that was fun to ride on the steep, gnarly terrain that we ride in our backyard around Lyons, Colorado,” Chad Melis of REEB and Oskar Blues told Mountain Flyer. “Most singlespeeds on the market are based around tame XC riding, and we wanted something different.”