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Bike Mag Gets Unchained and Discovers the Smooth and Trouble-Free Joy of Carbon Drive

  June 4, 2012

Bike Magazine’s Vernon Felton is one of the better writers, and bike testers, in the mountain bike media, and we eagerly look forward to every new issue of Bike to learn about new gear and technologies. Vernon spent much of the last year riding and thrashing on Gates Carbon Drive’s CenterTrack system, and he has written up his findings in the July issue of Bike now on newsstands.

“I spent a year abusing and neglecting my belt drive system. I rode the belt in mud, snow and every conceivable kind of crap-weather and it still looks freakishly fresh,” he writes. A resident of the sloppy, muddy Northwest, Vernon certainly had no problem finding crap weather to hammer through.

“I never maintained the belt drive, because, unlike a chain, no maintenance is required. No lube. No wiping down. No greasy rags. If I treated a chain this way, it would have rusted out in a week and died within a few months.” He wraps up by saying the system “runs smoothly, silently and trouble free.”

Read the full review in the BeatDown section of the magazine on page 108.