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Popular Science and Business Week Get Up Close with Carbon Drive

  June 8, 2012

The Gotham from REI bike brand Novara has been called one of the best commuter bike values due to the pairing of technologies it has on the drive train: a Gates Carbon Drive belt and the Nuvinci N360 continuously variable hub system. Popular Science recently had a Gotham in-house for a long-term test, and writer Michael Berk has posted his review on Berk calls the Gotham a bike that delivers “a new world of commuter convenience.”

“Without having to lube the chain, the bike remains remarkably clean — you’ll still have to wipe the thing down of road dirt and water, obviously, but it’s really refreshing not to have to deal with grease (and you can say goodbye to stains on your pants cuffs or the good ol’ chainring tattoo). It’ll never rust, no matter how much you neglect it.”

You can check out the Gotham at an REI near you by clicking on the store locator.

Business Week, one of the most respected business publications, has just posted a story about the new DeLorean bike brand. DeLorean is the latest automotive brand to produce a belt drive bike, with others including Audi, Porsche and Smart–maker of the Smart car and the new belted e-bike. Check out the writeup here.