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Touring and Commuting on a Trek Soho and Co-Motion Americano

  August 2, 2012

Justin Moore has sworn off chains. “Since December 2010 I’ve logged about 2,500 miles on not one but two bicycles with Gates Carbon Drives – a Trek Soho and a Co-Motion Americano,” writes Moore, a belt drive bicyclist who recently sent Gates a note and photos of his cool bikes. “The experience reminds me of when I bought my first digital camera. I was tentative at first, even skeptical, but after the first few experiences it was pretty clear that there was no going back.”

Moore lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he teaches the Smart Cycling program founded by the League of American Bicyclists. The course he teaches most often is “Traffic Skills 101,” which works to improve rider confidence and bike handling for cyclists who ride in urban areas. Click here for more info on Bike League programs.

For an experienced cyclist like Moore, Gates Carbon Drive is a time-saver. “No oiling chains, no greasy chain marks on your calves (or worse, your clothing) – just a whisper quiet drive train that delivers a consistent performance time and time again,” he says. “The feel is different, too. You feel even more at one with your bicycle when you ride a Carbon Drive bike and it proves time and time again that it’s up to the task whether I’m sitting back and enjoying the view or stomping on the pedals to keep up with traffic in the urban jungle.”

Read more about Moore’s bikes and his rides–and see more of his great photography–at Thanks Justin! Keep up the great work of spreading the love of transportation cycling.

Co-Motions are made in the USA, and so are all Gates Carbon Drive belts, which are manufactured in the Gates plant in Kentucky