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Macky Franklin Wins Breck Epic SS Stage Race on Belt Drive REEB

  August 20, 2012

Macky Franklin of Taos, NM, has won the singlespeed division of the Breck Epic, making him the first winner of the inaugural Singlespeed Stage Race World Championships.

Photo: Syd Schulz

Macky Franklin rode a REEB 29er with Gates Carbon Drive in the six-stage race, which covered 240 miles and featured 37,000 feet of climbing, all above 9,600 feet. Here’s what Franklin had to say on the Mountain Flyer blog:

“The REEB was AWESOME! Especially paired with the Gates Carbon Drive. It climbed well, handled the descents well and dealt with mud better than any bike I’ve ever ridden. It was nice and quiet, strong, and had great engagement. I quickly learned to just ignore it and was able to focus on cranking up the climbs instead of worrying about mis-shifting or my chain breaking. Single speeding is FUN!”