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Eurobike Photo-Palooza: an Exclusive Sneak Peak at the Hottest Belt Drive Bikes Coming to Europe in 2013

  September 27, 2012

Attending Eurobike is a fascinating experience for bicyclists due to the massive size of the trade show and the sheer variety of bike models and brands. While the European bike market has been slower to adopt some trends such as 29er mountain bikes, Europe is ground zero for commuter and transportation bikes and the global boom in electric bikes. Another trend we spotted at Eurobike? Even more bike models and brands with Gates Carbon Drive instead of chains. Below are some of the many 2013 models that European bicyclists will be riding next year. Even the kids want one, as the little dude above showed in the Velotraum booth. Scroll down for an assortment of snapshots from the show.

Above is the Inc commuter from Avanti.

The E-Line C electric bike from Bergamont
Foldable bike from Bernds
Bernds tandem
Black Braid full carbon sub-5 KG singlespeed
Black Braid carbon fixie
BMC Urbanchallenge

Breezer Beltway
Full carbon Coren singlespeed, for those with an extra 25,000 Euros to spend
From iconic Italian brand De Rosa
De Rosa Milanino
The Belter children's bike from Early Rider won a Eurobike innovation award
e-Jalopy electric from Greenwheel
Fahrradmanufaktur T-Belt Lite
Globe Roll 8 Rare
Grace Easy e-bike
Grace MX enduro e-bike
The JAB from Japan
Koga World Traveler
Koga World Traveler 29
Mi-Tech with Pinion gearbox (locked up because everyone wants to steal this one)
Nicolai trekking bike
Indonesian brand Polygon
Sandman Gobi fat bike
Santos Race Lite
Sweet styling on this limited edition Schindelhauer fixie
Easy to see why Schindelhauer won the Eurobike Best City Bike award in 2011
Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV
The Scott SUB will get you noticed
Smart E-Bike
Specialized Source 11
Tour de Suisse
Tout Terrain Amber Road
Tout Terrain Via Veneto
Tout Terrain X-Over
Van Nicholas Amazon
Van Nicholas Pioneer
Van Nicholas Zion 29er
Veloheld Drive
Veloheld Path

Congratulations. You made it to the end, which means you probably want to get a belt drive bicycle. This kid, too.