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Adventure Cyclist Mag Reviews a Dutch Treat: the Van Nicholas Amazon Rohloff

  October 11, 2012

Van Nicholas is a Dutch company that makes beautiful titanium bikes for touring, mountain biking and road riding. Many of their models come equipped with Carbon Drive, including the Amazon Rohloff, a long-haul touring rig with a 14-speed internal hub. Adventure Cyclist, the premier publication for touring cyclists, reviewed the bike in its October/November issue.

“Shifting is quiet and virtually instantaneous and can be done under load, while coasting or even at a dead stop,” reviewer Patrick O’Grady writes. “Titanium tubes make a great bike in terms of ride quality, longevity and ease of maintenance. Add the equally undemanding Gates Carbon Drive and Rohloff hub and you have a mount for all seasons, whether you’re saddling up for a trip to town or to Timbuktu.”

We vote for a trip to Timbuktu.

Check out the Van Nicholas website here. And subscribe to Adventure Cyclist, the magazine published by the Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit that is leading the charge to encourage more recreational cyclists to load up the panniers and hit the road. Van Nicholas bikes are available in the United States through Adrenaline Bikes.