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Belt Drive Bike Spotlight: Tout Terrain Takes You from Tokyo to Rome to London to the Amber Road

  November 1, 2012

Via Veneto is a boulevard in Rome best known in popular culture as a landmark in filmmaker Federico Fellini’s movie “La Dolce Vita.” It is also the name of a new bike model from Tout Terrain, a German brand that specializes in stylish and practical commuter and trekking bikes. The Via Veneto, pictured above, features a comfortable upright geometry and step-through frame, Gates Carbon Drive for low maintenance and cleanliness, dynamo-powered lights, a kickstand and many other leading design features.

Founded by Oliver and Stephanie Romer, Tout Terrain is based in Gundelfingen, near the larger city of Freiburg, and all its bikes are tested and assembled by experienced bicycle mechanics. To ensure quality control, all Tout Terrain frames are painted in its own powder-coating facility. “Our ambition is to deliver you a perfect bicycle that is tailored to your personal needs,” say the Romers, whose goal is to sell bicycles that users can ride for many years, whether touring in Asia or riding to work. Tout Terrain is most popular in Europe but sells around the world. The company’s global cycling ethos is illustrated by its bike names, which have an international flare.

The Chiyoda district is the geographic center of Tokyo and the political and economic epicenter of Japan, home to embassies, the emperor’s palace, government buildings and financial district. The Chiyoda, pictured above, is Tout Terrain’s interpretation of a fast and agile city bike, featuring belt drive, fenders, disc brakes and an internally geared hub for clean and reliable shifting. Chiyoda is ideal for fast city riding with a messenger bag, whether in Tokyo or New York City.

The City 2 is named for the central City of London, the historic core of about one square mile around which the metropolis of Greater London sprawls outward. With its drop bars, The City 2, above, is a speedy urban belt-drive bike made for getting the job done. High function meets high performance.

The X-Over is made for winter cyclists and riders who hit both the pavement and dirt trails. It has battery-free dynamo lights front and back, disc brakes for stopping power in wet conditions, Carbon Drive for cleanliness and an orange powder coat for bling.

History buffs know of the Amber Road as the ancient trade route for the transfer of amber, once a highly valued commodity. For centuries, caravans of traders traveled the route from Europe to Asia and northern Africa to the Baltic Sea. The Amber Road is Tout Terrain’s premier trekking and touring bike. Its large-volume wheels and tires provide stability and sure-footedness when hauling loaded panniers. Like many Tout Terrain bikes, it features integrated racks for extra strength. This bike is made for months-long journeys across continents or weekend tours with your sleeping bag and tent.

The Metropolitan is a classic member of Tout Terrain’s touring and commuting line, featuring 26-inch wheels for those who prefer more of a mountain bike feel, disc brakes, Carbon Drive, kickstand, disc brakes and integrated racks. Visit for more information and contacts for ordering, no matter where you live in the world. Now hit the road. There is amber to be delivered.