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In the Media: Vancouver's 'Urban Commuting Warrior' Gets a Momentum Makeover; and 5280 Mag Rides the Acme

  December 4, 2012

Belt-driven cyclist Sam Poyner of Vancouver has gotten a winter style makeover. And just in time. Like a lot of dude-cyclists, he was looking fairly grubby until the fashion hounds at Momentum Magazine kitted him out with some stylish and waterproof bike commuting gear–and an Acme commuter bike fromSpot Brand. Says the new Sam, who is featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Momentum: “I feel like an urban commuting warrior.”

Sam lives in Mount Pleasant and commutes to work over the North Shore bridges to his office in North Vancouver. Gates Carbon Drive reached out to Sam to get his impressions of the bike and its belt drive.

“I”m really impressed with the Acme,” he says. “It’s super stylish; a cut above your average commuter for sure. I’ve been loving the way it handles; quite nimble and speedy. The belt drive is sweet: silent, smooth and clean. No more grease stains on my pants!”

Thanks for the update, Sam. Happy riding, and stay dry.

The Spot Acme also gets a nice holiday shout-out from Denver’s 5280 Magazine, which includes the bike in its holiday gift guide. There it is down below, beneath those pumped up kicks with the blue laces which, frankly, would add a little zing to Sam Poyner’s earth-toned ensemble. Just saying. And check out the video review from 5280 writer Lindsey McKissick.