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Simple, Affordable, Blissful: Reviews Redline’s Monobelt 29er

  December 17, 2012

Redline’s Monobelt is “an affordable alternative for the masses.” That’s the word from Bicycling Magazine tech writer Michael Yozell, who has been riding the belt drive singlespeed this fall and winter.

Photo by Lou Mazzante

Here’s what Yozell had to say about the Monobelt in his review on

The bike is an offshoot of Redline’s popular Monocog singlespeed. But both bikes draw heavily from the company’s BMX heritage. Even the straight lines on the Monobelt resemble the Redline BMX bikes I grew up with. Like those bikes, our test bike model uses 4130 chromoly pipes and has the company’s distinctive triangular gusset at the headtube junction. The bike has plenty of contemporary updates, however, including slider-style dropouts and hydraulic disc brakes. There’s a 100mm Reba RL fork up front and the 29-inch wheels will never be mistaken for those of a BMX bike.

Yozell calls the Gates Carbon Drive “the power plant of this unique bike.”

We’ve been fans of the system since it was first introduced in 2007 and the latest versions have a groove on the (sprockets) to improve alignment, reduce dirt build up and prevent the belt from sliding off. The system worked flawlessly. The bike’s slider dropouts made it easy to set up and maintain, and it proved quiet and trouble free, even after several flat tires led to multiple wheel changes.

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