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Two Bikes for One World: A Program to Benefit World Bicycle Relief

  January 17, 2013

Gates Carbon Drive Systems has partnered with two of the most respected brands in bicycling on a program to benefit rural health care in Africa.

Every time a consumer buys a Specialized Source Two bike, Gates, Specialized and SRAM will donate one Buffalo Bike to the World Bicycle Relief program. Buffalo Bikes, pictured below, are sturdy steel bicycles made to withstand the rigors of the developing world and designed to be easily repaired.

WBR will deliver the Buffalo Bikes to health care workers in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Sturdy bicycles are an important form of transportation for the region’s medical workers, who travel many miles to visit patients.

“Gates is so pleased to participate in this partnership to benefit people in other parts of the world,” says Todd Sellden, director of Gates Carbon Drive Systems. “For those of us in the industrialized world, bicycles are often a tool for recreation or an alternative to driving a car. It’s good to remember that in many parts of the world bicycles are an important form of life-saving mobility.”

The Source Two is a comfortable commuter bike with several innovative technologies. Instead of a chain it has a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive paired with the new Automatix two-speed auto shifter from SRAM. The Automatix shifts into a higher or lower gear as the cyclist speeds up or slows down, like an automatic transmission in a car.

Watch the video atop this post to learn more about these two bicycles designed to make a better world. Find out more about the Source Two and where to buy one. Learn more about World Bicycle Relief and their great work at